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06-18-2007, 01:31 AM
Hey I was looking around at the sony forums and discovered an Event taking place on my server for the end of june/beginning of july!

Pilots of Starsider, come one, come all!

Bring all your parts to buy sell and trade at the First Swap Meet of the summer.

Tired of going from city to city looking at parts? Bring it all here for a weekend and mingle with other pilots doing the same. Display your prized possessions or just hang out the stuff you'd like to trade for other parts. This is an old fashioned swap meet so leave the wife at home, pack your sunscreen and come out to socialize and barter.

Have a look around at the semi-permanant swap meet grounds on Tatooine
here, here, here, here and here

Where: -3271 -2800, conveniently located just a skip away from any shuttleport on the southwest side of Tatooine.
When: Saturday June 30th and Sunday July 1
What: Buy/Sell/Trade your ship parts in a traditional swap meet environment
Open to: All who want to come out
Contact: Asche Mha'Rhee

Available Spaces

* Permanent structures will be issued on a first come, first serve basis. There are 8 small tat houses and 4 merchant tents.
Merchant tents may not be leased and must be transferred.
* Leasing a house requires you to pay maint on it as the owner has 0 credits in the bank.
* Straight transfers are available on request for those that wish to add one of the front spaces as a permanent addition.
* You are welcome to drop your own tatooine house on the outside ring of the meet area but please leave room for props and shoot Asche a mail so I can get you a space number and sign specifications.
* You are also welcome to come down without a space and roam around and spam/socialize. Please do this ATK. We'd like to avoid any afk entanglements. Feel free to leave barker droids afk though as they will fit right in.
* When this event is done or when you run out of things to trade/sell, feel free to pass your structure onto someone that needs it. I'd like to keep these structures getting passed from pilot to pilot so that we may continue this as a tradition.

Want to Help?

Storyteller props must be replaced every 16 hours so if you'd like to try your hand at decorating for one of the 16 hour periods of the event, give me a hollar. The demo setup I did for the screenshots cost around 700k but you can decorate with whatever budget you like.

It would be great to do this once every month or couple months, if it all works out. If you would like to host an event here, just let me know .