View Full Version : roof collapsing ...

06-19-2007, 07:05 PM
Hi people, lately playing in Ajunta Pall's tomb and others in Korriban Sith's valley, there are specific spots where part of the ceiling collapses over your party ... hiting (??) you with rocks ... but why don't these rocks hurt you??? :tsk: So that's my idea ... those falling rocks SHOULD hurt me reducing my party health at least ...
I haven't search extensively but I think there's a whereami band or so for K1 ... so I might get the precise spots, but how to lauch a script in that spot to diminish my health? :confused:

thanks like usually :thumbsup:

EDIT: fool me ja ja :nut: forgot there's a whereami cheat in K1 ... that simple, still don't know if there's a script or something to reduce your party health... ?