View Full Version : Sorry for absence (again, argh)

06-23-2007, 12:17 PM
I swear my hands are cursed. I somehow managed to destroy my cpu just by removing the heatsink. Anyway now my cpu is under repairs; I'm using my mom's computer, so it'll take quite a while before getting back on track

Anyway, this means I won't be able to finish the main menu (which I left on pending status so long ago). To meet the July 2nd deadline, I'll need someone to finish it for me. I think bjusterbaarlik is more than capable of handling it, so whoever I sent the latest files to (I think its either hockney or maxstate), please send it to whoever wants to work on it. Thanks, and so sorry I can't work on what I promised. Fate had to step in once again

But the joyful news is, I can book out from camp everyday starting from next week! This means I'm free to work on co-op and the new weapon models I promised during the evenings. Yay. But I'll still need to get my PC fixed first. Won't be in time for the v1 release though

06-25-2007, 06:36 AM
Well, I can always take a look at the main menu, but I can't promise anything. July 2nd is close and I don't know if I would be able to complete it before that.

But please, if someone can send it to me (e-mail is in profile) I will take a look and see what I can do.