View Full Version : D@R For The Quest of the Bounty Hunters

Daft Adidas
06-23-2007, 12:58 PM
Nothing farfetched here just a simple RP I hope you will all join and take part in.

Here's the story line...

These days the Galaxy has been pretty peaceful these days. Not until ABOE 210 (after battle of endor) It just began with a few random murders then at least ten a day. With no reasons or connections to why. Finnaly we have his name. We have his identity.

Xemo Krikson. Kills people for nothing. He is pure evil. Now attention! All Bounty Hunters! Beware though all hunters who have gone after him never and i mean never came back.

Will you join up and help other Bounty Hunters as a Team Hunter or will you go for yourself and be an isolated one going around to kill any other Hunters and try and claim some credits to kill Xemo yourself? You decide!

Sign up Sheet.

Type: (isolalated one or Team Hunter)
Species (bothan, human ect..)
Any Friends

Please join!

p.s i won't be in this i'll just be giving updates, telling you the last time he was seen and all facts.