View Full Version : [TSL] character texture gone black and missing item.

06-24-2007, 12:25 AM
Edit: No need to reply anymore, while waiting for a reply I replayed from an earlier save and cought up the playtime I lost.

Hi all,

After a few search sessions on various forums inc. this one and google I wasn't able to solve my issue that propped up last night.

First off:

1.0b patch installed
Mediaupdates installed
Amd dual core which is properly set up, no issues (anymore).
Windows XP Pro SP2
The seperate fixes and such installed from TeamGizka.

After finding out and fixing the dualcore issues I've been having a, for tsl standards at least, relatively bugfree, glitchfree experience up to last night.

I've finished Nar Shaddaa so far (first visit dunno if there's a follow up visit yet :) ), got the 2 last parts to fix HK47 :) So I was all happy and dandy.
I set course to Citadel Station to talk about the fuel issue and maybe get back a loan I seem to remember (oddly, not in my quest log).
I equipped HK47 somewhat and decided to leave the ship with Kreya and HK47, since I just got him and he probably has some levels to gain.
The loading screen comes and goes and afterwards I get a pitch black HK47 with a blue shield type glow around him which oscillates between on/off :( The only thing textured is the stomach bit, the rest is black. Also he seemed to have lost some of the kit I gave him while still on the ship. His weapon slots were empty, while im pretty sure I gave im a blaster rifle just minutes before. I'm not sure what is missing exactly. I didn't pay to much attention to his kit yet. But I do remember the blaster had an ion upgrade and the only blaster left in my inventory had no upgrades.

So hmm.. The autosave is overwritten from the loading, tried anyway.. yup he's black. No biggie, we still have the quicksave onboard the ship before kitting him out and leaving the ship so I load it, decide to check just in case and walk to HK47.. Big downer, he's already bugged and jet black :(
For some reason I wasn't to careful yesterday and didn't make my usual oodles upon oodles of seperate saves so my last one is quite some gametime ago :( .

If anyone has an idea on how to get hk47 textured again without having me rollback on all that gametime. I would really appreciate it.

He was properly textured during all the time after finding him onboard the ebon hawk and the dialog sequences after fixing him.
I don't know much about modding and editing the savegames so I haven't tried anything of the sort, I did however check the savegame with the kotor savegame editor but the entry for his teture seems correct.

Please if anyone can help? I'm so frustrated with it. I was finally beginning to enjoy the game like I enjoyed kotor 1 despite tsl's quirks.

Edit: To show you exactly what I mean :)


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