View Full Version : another STAR WARS story [FUDGED EDITION]

06-24-2007, 04:52 AM
Here's the idea...


Just think about the story of your four favorite cammandos, now put that in a snowglobe witch j00 call your brain and shake it all up until you get an idea ranging from 1 to whatever j00 can think of.

example: in the 2nd campaign when you're first ambushed by a bunch of trandos that drop from the ceilling... that ambush DOSEN'T HAPPEN,
instead, a slaver drops dead from a hole up above u and when j00 look up, the first thing j00 see is a bright, blue visor which then vanishes before j00 in less then a second (giver'take). After that, j00 hear your character, 38, say,"I think there's someting else here than just bots & lizards" in a paranoid voice.

let the true fan inside of j00 run FREE |-)