View Full Version : Galactic Showcase 27/6/07

06-28-2007, 04:31 AM

Farla Swift and her friends recently created a spooky storyteller event on the Gorath galaxy. Their expertly created event chronicled the legacy of a name from the past that still whispered to this day: Revan.

Story Background

Thousands of years ago, a Jedi Knight known as Revan once wandered both sides of the Force. It is said that on his journeys he created two artifacts, holocrons of special power, for posterity - one for the light and one for the darkness.

Striving to claim his secrets, the Emperor's scourges followed Revan's trail to Dathomir and a clan of native witches who called themselves the Nightsisters.

Full Details (http://starwarsgalaxies.station.sony.com/players/news_archive.vm?id=67307)