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Marauder's Fury
06-29-2007, 02:06 PM
Wonder how you build your team members.

Everyone in my party (including the Exile) uses blasters of a wide variety most of the time. I like to equip Visas with a pair of fully upgraded Watchman/Elite Watchman blasters (she's a Sentinel, plus she looks cool in the banner :D). Her lightsaber is double-bladed and purple.

Atton dual-wields in both long-range and melee combat. His lightsabers are yellow or orange. I prefer to keep him in his jacket.

Brianna looks sexy firing her big Mandalorian/Zabrak heavy pistols. She's mostly in her own Gray Jedi robes. She sometimes picks up a double-bladed blue saber, but I often keep her unarmed in melee.

HK = Disruptor Rifle. Charric if possible. Keen-upgraded Charric + Master Sniper Shot + Integrated Assassin Protocols = err, how do you boys call it? Pwnage? :D

For some reason I never train Mira in dual-wielding. She generally uses a single pistol (Micro-Pulse, Onasi, Republic... just for their looks) and draws a viridian single-hilt when needed. Aside from occasional bulky robes, she usually stays in her jacket.

I simply can't think Mandalore without a Mandalorian Heavy Repeater.

Kreia finishes the game with that modified hold-out blaster you get on Telos. :D She hardly ever fires a single shot, anyway. I switch her to Jedi Support + Force Channel and leave her alone.

How about you?

Darth Badguy
06-30-2007, 06:27 AM
My Exile always has one single hilt lightsaber, green when play lightside and red when darkside. During the time I had no lightsaber yet i used a vibrosword. And of course, robes

I gave Atton 2 blasters and kept him in his jacket till he became a Jedi, I gave him one single hilt lightsaber and his own robes.

Bao-Dur some random armor and a repeating blaster, when he turned a Jedi a blue lightsaber and the jacket i unlocked. Why can't he just wear robes? :(

Brianna her handmaiden staff and normal clothing (The darkside version of her normal clothing looks so sexy :D )till she became a Jedi, I gave her a double bladed lightsaber, cyanide, and her own robes.

I never took HK with me, I just don't like him. He was cool in KOTOR 1 but I don't need to have him with me again.

WHen I got Mira, I kept her in her jacket and gave her 2 blasters. never managed to train her as a Jedi. Second time I played I got Hanharr, but never took him with me.

Kreia one green lightsaber, and just clothing since you cant see any effect of the clothing.

Madalore mandalorian repeater, doh xD