View Full Version : kotor carshing after character creation????

06-30-2007, 01:43 AM
ohmygodithinkiamgoingtosmashmycomputermygameandthe nkillmyselfwithafreakingbutchersknifeificannotgett hegametorun.pleasehelp.

oooookkkkeeeyyyy. now that that's out of my system.
i have a problem with kotor 2.
i have solved all the problems relating to secu-rom, windows vista/XP compatibility mode, and the newest ATI catalyst.

my new problem is this.

i start the game, everything works great.
i create my character, everything works great.
i press play, everything does not work great.
namely the game freezes in mid load, and i have to press escape to exit the game no messages or pop ups.

please this is really driving me nuts, all i want is to be able to spend a couple of fun enjoyable hours playing a game that i really love.
please i beg you from he bottom of my soul.
if you can help me out please do so.