View Full Version : New NPC Troubles

07-01-2007, 12:23 PM
Hi Again,

Basically I'm creating a new NPC to replace Juhani, and so far it's gone well [spawning him in Tatooine, Speech, Exit Scripts all firing well] but when I end the conversation to get him to join the party Juhani dissapears and no one replaces him. I've followed the 10 Steps to creating a new party member tutorial and created a portrait but so far I'm unable to get him to join my party. I've attatched the exit and recruit scripts to the end of the dialog choices but it isn't recruiting him, just making him dissolve into nothing...Can anyone suggest what is going wrong?

Thanks, again, in advance...

PS: It's a Dark Jedi for Tatooine and I just realised that it's quite similar [but quite different] to Master Zionosis' Nichos mod. Sorry for the similarity but I only found it after making it :p