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Inside the Nine

The galaxy is at war. The Rebels have been become a thorn in the Empire's side, after their successful destruction of the Empire's Death Star. The Emperor is not pleased with this, and has ordered the Rebel threat eliminated. Legions of Stormtroopers prepare to fight on the Rebelís ground, as the Emperorís Black Ops gather intel an clear out key Rebel points. We take the pursuit of the Nine, an elite squad of Black Ops Stormtroopers, and follow them into the Rebel Underground.

Alright, this RP takes place 3 months after the Battle of Yavin. The Emperor has ordered the Nine to infiltrate the planet Kailion. It is believed that the Rebels have moved their base here, due to raised trade traffic on the planet. Hereís background on the planet:

Kailion is a world of lush forests and murky swamps. Many exotic animals roam Kailion, and its home to one of the Outer Rimís trading markets. Trade on Kailion isnít as high as most other worlds, but recently its picked up a lot. The Empire passed this world up do to it being unnecessary for any Imperial lead operations. Its resources are small pockets of coal and very little oil. Itís more of a world of beauty.

Now for your orders, theyíre pretty simple.
ē Infiltrate the jungles of Kailion, and locate the hidden Rebel base.

ē Infiltrate the base, and find their power center. Cause a blackout throughout the base.

ē Make your way to the command center, and capture any Rebel leaders found, and retrieve any data off their servers.

ē Exfiltrate the base, and blow the charges. Make your way and secure the extraction point.

Secondary (Optional) Objectives
ē Find any technology the Rebelís may have required, if possible, bring it back. If not, place remote charges to blow them up later.
ē Wipe security records incase the Rebelís come in for backup and review them. We donít want you on their cameras.
ē Retrieve a smuggled in crate of weapons and ammo inside the base if needed. Backup charges are located in here incase you need anymore.
__________________________________________________ _______________
Ok, now here is the character sheet, read it thoroughly.

Name: (Real name and a designation)
Age: (You know, how old you are)
Rank: (Corporal, Sergeant, Lieutenant)
Appearance: (What you look like, mainly height/weight, because you are a Black Storm/Scout/Swamp Trooper)
Weapons: (Your main weapons, like what blaster you have, pistol, ect.)
Inventory: (Grenades, Zip lines, rope, ect.)
Skills: (What your good at, are you a sniper? A Rifleman? Maybe a Stealth expert?)
Bio: (Give some information on your history, why you are who you are.)
__________________________________________________ _______________
I will start this after I get a some people involved (hopefully I will). Remember, no God Modding, Uber Characters, or killing someone elseís character without permission. Any and all discussion about the RP should be here, not in the main RP thread which is to come.


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Name: Tex (ST-411)
Age: 35
Rank: Captain
Appearance: 5í11, 180 pounds, Black Stormtrooper armor
Weapons: E-11b Blaster Rifle, DLT-19 Heavy Blaster Rifle/Sniper on back, Scout Blaster Pistol in leg holster
Inventory: 2 EMP Grenades, 2 Frag Grenades, 1 Demo Charge, Long Range Binoculars, Sturdy rope, 3 days food rations,
Skills: Sniper/Stealth Specialist, Proficient Rifleman, Leadership
Bio: Tex (official designation ST-411) is the Captain and Leader of the Nine. Hand picked by the Emperor, and trained by the best, and even Lord Vader himself, Tex was one of the first generation Imperial Black Ops. He was assigned his squadron after capturing the Rebel leader Jan Dodonna on Yavin 4, months after the Death Starís destruction.

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