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07-08-2007, 07:33 AM
Incoming Subspace Transmission…
Text only
Top Secret!

To: Captain of the TAS Apollo
From: Central command, Earth
Priority level: Alpha
RE: Project Ascension

Good evening Captain I’m sorry to say we must divert you from your current mission as a matter requiring your immediate attention has arisen.

Two days ago we lost contact with a secret military research facility on a planet on the edge of known space. The planet, known as Prometheus, was being used to do most of the research we felt it would be wise to keep from our citizen’s knowledge. The last communication from the Science outpost was as follows…

”Emergency, Emergency, we lost control, They killed everyone.”
<Loud bang heard in background>
“Oh God they’ve found me… AHHHH…”

You are ordered to enter the planets orbit and send your Spec Ops team down to the surface and investigate the facility. Their mission is to find out what happened there and rescue any survivors. Caution is advised.

Transmission Ends.

The Story
This is based in an original universe where all the nations of Earth have formed the Terran Alliance. There are no Aliens in this universe only Humans. It’s based roughly 500 years into the future where Faster than light and energy weapon technologies are commonplace.

You play a member of spec ops unit ‘Sabre’ currently assigned to the TAS Apollo and are being sent on the investigation. The ships previous assignment was simply the investigation solar systems for new habitable worlds.

What our characters don’t know is that the Facility was experimenting with genetic mutation and manipulation on humans and other animals. These have escaped their containment and began to kill all the soldiers and scientists on the base.

Your character’s weapons armour and equipment are standard issue.

A brief History of the Universe
In the early 22nd century faster than light travel was discovered and was used immediately to discover new planets in distant systems. Soon after this discovery humanity became united declaring peace and becoming a single great nation.

The Terran Alliance has 13 planets including Earth, Some are large colonies but others are merely mining or research colonies.

Three years before the RP starts a war raged across the Terran alliance against rebellious elements. The rebels claimed that the perfect galaxy that most people believed they lived in was a lie and ruled by a secret evil government in reality.(This is true but our characters would believe the lie). The rebels were defeated and now the military are back to exploring new worlds for the growth of the Terran Alliance

Rules- Rp forum rules are standard.
No killing Pcs
Minimal Char Control (it’s unrealistic to rp without it creeping in)
Thread master controls all 'plot sensitive' Npcs
7 day Absence rule- don’t post for seven days your character becomes a NPC until you return.
No one liners

Positions to be filled. Lieutenant positions are on a first come first serve. If you want to be the Major PM as I don’t just want anyone to be it I need someone I can trust to play it well. (Note: ranks are loosely based on US Army)

Colonel- starmark2k
Z-145 Spec ops Rifle, K7-3 TA Pistol and Military hunting Knife.
Z-145 Spec ops Rifle, K7-3 TA Pistol, Military hunting Knife and Long-range Communication Equipment.
1st Lieutenant, Tech specialist-
Z-145 Spec ops Rifle, K7-3 TA Pistol, Military hunting Knife and Technicians gear.
1st Lieutenant, Medic-
Z-145 Spec ops Rifle, K7-3 TA Pistol, Military hunting Knife and field medic’s kit.
2nd Lieutenant, Sniper-
SR-6 Sniper Rifle, Z-50 Spec ops Rifle, K7-3 TA Pistol and Military hunting Knife.
2nd Lieutenant, Demolitions-
‘Bandit’ RPG Launcher, Explosives pack, Z-50 Spec ops Rifle, K7-3 TA Pistol and Military hunting Knife.
2nd Lieutenant, Heavy Weapons-
K9L Personal Plasma Cannon, Z-50 Spec ops Rifle, K7-3 TA Pistol and Military hunting Knife.
If more than 7 people join this Rp they can take the rank of 2nd Lieutenant, Troop. They carry a Z-145 Spec ops Rifle, a K7-3 TA Pistol and a Military hunting Knife.

Spec ops Equipment- Used by all
K7-3 TA Pistol: Standard issue pistol fires concentrated energy burst, only fires a charged shot. Kept in thigh holster.
Military hunting Knife: Standard 5’blade kept in ankle holster
TA Spec ops Field armour: ½ centimetre armour plating from foot to neck except at the joints and has a Self contained low yield energy shield to absorb small amounts of energy. Contains rechargeable power pack and the latest in Camouflage-holographics allowing it to change colour to its surroundings.
TA Spec Force field Helmet: covers the back and top of the head with a visor over the eyes. The visor has multiple view modes including Night, thermal, Magnetic (Allows the viewer to see metallic objects) and bio-scan (allows the viewer to see biological entities). Also has short-range communication, has attachable gas mask.
Basic survival equipment: Basic rations, fire starters, solar powered re-charger, flares and other needed equipment.
Ammo belt- Holds ammo reloads for weapons carried by the officer.

Position specific equipment- check positions
Z-145 Spec ops Rifle: Standard issue weapon for special operations troops, fires a burst of concentrated energy in Rapid, Charged and scatter shot modes. Also has a micro RPG launcher attached under barrel capable of launching Flash, flag, EMP and plasma grenades.
Z-50 Spec ops Rifle: A lighter weight version of the Z-145 and less powerful with no scatter shot option and no Micro RPG launcher.
SR-6 Sniper Rifle: Long range weapon used by highly trained and highly skilled snipers. Fires an extremely high burst of concentrated energy capable of disintegrating most biological targets.
‘Bandit’ RPG Launcher: Medium to long range weapon No bigger than a standard sized rifle this can fire two Rocket propelled Grenades simultaneously with target lock and heat seeking options. Launches Plasma and EMP grenades as well as Tactical low yield nuclear Grenades. Can also be used to launch Nets and grapples connecter to Metallic rope.
K9L Personal Plasma Cannon: A smaller shoulder mounted version of ones found on vehicle and Star fighters this weapon is highly destructive. With burst and rapid fire modes this weapon in useful in most situation to damage vehicles and biological creatures.
Explosives Pack: Holds a variety of timed, remote and proximity explosives.
Long Range Communication Equipment: Allows communication along sub space to ships and planets within known space. As well as the ability to Jam such communications.
Technician’s gear: Long range sensor equipment and tools for repairing weapons and equipment in the field. Also contains computer hacking and lock picking equipment.
Field Medic’s Kit: Liquid spray bandages for superficial wounds and thicker polymer based compounds for deeper wounds. Various antitoxins, painkiller and resuscitation chemical with non-evasive injector.

Character sheet

Position: (see above)
Name: (John Doe, Jane Doe)
Nickname: (if applicable. JD, Sparky)
Sex: (Male/female)
Age: (18+)
Appearance: (Description or picture without armour)
Bio: (History and personality)

Notes: Although Cybernetics do exist I’m limiting it to a single implant per character, this can be like a Robotic Arm, eye, heart or even a microchip attached to the brain to increase brain power.
I kept the History vague so you can add your own bits to it when doing your bio, but please don’t contradict what I’ve already stated.
If I consider your character overpowered or not in keeping with the universe I will ask you to change. No arguments.


Position: Colonel
Name: Byron Han
Nickname: Serpent
Sex: Male
Age: 37
Appearance: Picture. (http://www.buddytv.com/articles/lost/images/daniel_Dae_kim.jpg) Has a tattoo of a snake on his left arm and a sword on his right.
Bio: A wholly unexceptional childhood Byron was born in the country formally known as Australia, he never excelled in sport or academics remaining relatively average. He joined the Terrain Alliance Army due to the fact he never had anything else to do with his life.

This is where Byron finally came into his own, he found he was good at remaining unseen and took to Stealth and covert tactics. This is how he earned the nickname ‘Serpent’ among his fellow recruits as they would say ‘Han is slithery like a Serpent’. He eventually finished top in boot camp and went into active on the world oasis 7. He slowly raised through the Non commissioned ranks right up until the war began.

When the War began he was a Sergeant Major and in his platoon he successfully defended his world earning field promotions until he made it to Colonel due to the higher ranks being killed. At wars end he was put in Command of Spec Ops ‘Sabre’ on board the Apollo and has remained there ever since.

07-08-2007, 12:07 PM
Position: 1st Lieutenant, Medic
Name: Fred Hernán
Nickname: FH
Sex: Male
Age: 27
Bio: Fred was born in Jupiter Station “Noah”, Son of Dr. John Hernán and Olivia Mej. From a average family in the new world, joined the army and defenses of earth at 18 and learned medicine, right now his position is 1st Lieutenant, Medic in the spec ops unit ‘Sabre’.

He has a prosthetic hand(left) he lost it when his pistol overcharged and exploited and rip off his hand and damaged few nerves in his arm, he can not feel his arm sometimes.

Jedi Atomic
07-08-2007, 06:12 PM
Position: 2nd Lieutenant, Sniper
Name: Darrick Dominia
Nickname: Dak
Sex: Male
Age: 19
Appearance: Dak (http://www.emmerdale.org/emmerdale/Picture_Gallery/promopics/soaps_news_media_2-0.jpg)
Bio: A few days after his 18th birthday, the Army had a draft. Unluckily, he was one of the few drafted, as the draft lasted only a few days. He went to fight and gained a few ranks, leading him to master sergeant. He then was promoted to 2nd Lieutenant and was transported to Apollo. He was given a choice to join 'Sabre' but refused.

A few days past after thinking and decided to accept. Being young he had a better eye than his elders, so he requested to be sniper.