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07-17-2007, 10:46 PM
((Let's try and have fun shall we :) ))

The rolling thunder and the pouring rain brought no comfort to Alister as he sat in the local Inn of Durnba. He sighed heavily while leaning his chair backwards. He has wasted most of his day waiting for her arrival, the arrival of an old friend. “Why out of the blue would she contact me now? It's been nine years since we last seen each other.” he said to himself as he sighed again, growing even more impatient. He started to rub his shoulder and rotate his neck slowly trying to keep his mind from wondering he was taking mental notes of the people who surrounded him. In the far right corner of the bar sat a man half drunk and unable to stand to leave and return home. The Inn keeper and the bar tender were behind the counter talking, while a young couple sat at the counter talking.

Alister finally returned the chair to rest on all four legs and stood up, he heard the chair grind against the cold stone floor as it pushed back as he stood up. He grabbed his seethed long sword from the side of the table and returned it to his belt on his waist, then grabbed his cloak and tied it around his neck placing the hood over his head concealing his face. He had grown tired of waiting for her, and wasn't going to wait any longer. He reached the door and grabbed hold of it ready to push it open, as he pushed it open it hit some one pushing them to the muddy ground. Alister startled took a few steps back placing his hand on the hilt of his sword.

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Empress Padme
07-18-2007, 03:35 PM
ok looks interesting but to recruit people you need to tell us what we need to do to sign up . Like what characters we can be ,etc.

07-18-2007, 09:13 PM
I could give more info on this but I don't think it be interesting enough for ppl do want to do this story. Thanks for the some what compliment Empress Padme.

Alright due to the fact i couldn't sleep I drew up a basic outline. Please let me know if i'm missing anything. Thanks for any help any one could give.

Back Story:
On the out skirts of Valu lays a home surrounded by woods. If you think the house is of any importance you would only be partially correct. The woods itself is of a mysterious nature. Out of all the people who have entered Corra woods, none have come out. It is said that a family lives in the home built in the woods, the master/mistress of the home is said to be a mysterious person of sorts. The master/mistress of the home is one for games you could say. Passer byers of the woods swear they hear laughter as if some one is greatly amused by what ever is occurring in the Corra woods.
So many have tried to discover the secrete of the woods, and all have failed. If one listens silently, you can hear the faint screams of those who have failed the horrors that lay inside the cursed woods. But are the woods themselves actually cursed or under a mysterious power? And if it is some power, could it be the master that controls it? Only those who dare to enter can find out.

Basic Requirements:
Basically will need about three others for this. I'll be playing one character:
Name: Alister Kalar

Age: 23

Title: Hunter

Weapon of choice: Long Bow & Steel Tipped Arrows

Secondary Weapon: Steel Long Sword

Appearance: Short blond hair, silver eyes. Slightly muscular. Has a cold hard face buy the eyes are gentle.

Just follow that guide line, about three more characters, maybe four. I hope some one would be interested in playing the master of the woods. A request however, the characters you create are just average people who could be interested by the woods themselves, or just some one who gets dragged along for the ride. It takes place back when horses were the means of transportation, and no automatic weaponry.

Character Creation Outline:
Name: (Any ole name doesn't matter)

Age: (How hold your character will be)

Title: (Basically Peasant, Hunter, Soldier, Nobel)

Weapon of Choice: (Your characters basic weapon of choice Lances, Swords, Bows, Staffs.)

Secondary Weapon: (A just in case weapon)

Appearance: (what your character looks like)

Our characters, except the one having the fun playing the games with us, will enter the woods. Then they'll find out they are now part of a sick person view of entertainment, where they have to get out alive. Although unfortunately not every one will. Every one will have basic creative freedom, but please do follow the rules of the forum. The master/mistress of the woods will have the most creative freedom. But I would like the Game Master to run who dies by me first, but so i can ok it.

If your interested at all in the Master/Mistress of the woods let me know and i'll PM you more details about that person.

JoeDoe 2.0
07-21-2007, 07:31 PM
This sounds really interesting, I'll make up my character

Empress Padme
07-22-2007, 03:03 AM
So its like the horror movie SAW but set in the woods. I wouldn't mind being Mistress of the forest.

07-22-2007, 10:00 AM
Welcome both of you, I'm looking forward to seeing what characters you come up with. :evil2: