View Full Version : [TSL] M4-78 Modules With Mini Maps And Working Area Transitions

Master Zionosis
07-26-2007, 11:24 AM
So, this is mainly for modders who want to edit M4-78 and use it as their own planet.

DSTONEY642000 is the one who actually made the minimaps and fixed the area transitions, I only offered to host the files.


These are the droid modules for TSL they have been cleaned up
and all transition point are now working. I have also included
working mini maps. There are a few doors left in places but all
unlocked or very low security.
None of the consoles are operational and no dialog.

Only known issue is transition from 803dro to 806dro entrance is
in front of door as close as possible because of walkmesh issue
that at this time cannot be fixed.

To install unpack files to hard drive then copy and paste all files:

in modules folder to your SWkotor2\Modules folder

in override folder to your SWkotor2\Override folder.

Files included in the override folder are

per_door01.tga---This removes the big white door in front of the
central core entrance.

a_galaxymap.ncs---This is for anyone who want to be able to access
the planet from the galaxy map,it becomes available
after you finish telos as with all the other planets.

lbl_map801DRO.tga to lbl_map807DRO.tga--these are all the mini maps

Feel free to use these files however you wish in any mods and redistribute
to anyone who want them just please give credit to the proper sources
for any files you use and thankyou to Master Zionosis for hosting these files
and to everyone at lucas forums you are very helpful as always.

Anyway, I hope these will be of some help to anyone who wants to edit M4-78 or just walk around the modules and actually see the minimaps :)

Download: M4-78 Revised Modules (http://www.masterzionosiskotorsite.com/Mods/M4_78_Droid_Modules.7z)

~Master Zionosis