View Full Version : [TSL] Falling apart

08-04-2007, 03:04 AM
I'm having more and more issues come out of no where that I never had before my mods have stopped working for some odd reason, its glitching like crap, aswell as my party is changing from light side to dark side, dark side to light over and over for no reason and my guys light. TSL also doesnt even start most of the time. I'm getting problems I didnt know you could get, didnt even have them on my old computer that could hardly run quake 3. Like I said my mods arent working, I've beaten the game many times with all my mods, I had the fett style mando skins, the handy force power, any spells force mod, and build a light saber. Now only Fett style mando skins work. When I try to use the saber mod, the console comes up but when I click it the dude just tries to fire from his wrist like mira, also the same problem when he tries to use any for power that makes the left arm go forward (ex. force run) but then the powers dont work. Its completly falling apart 4 days ago I didnt have a single problem and three days ago is when it all went to hell. The only different thing that I did on the comp b4 playing was watch a dvd. :S