View Full Version : Hex Editing

08-05-2007, 08:46 PM
Okay I am trying to put two different versions of the same head into a game. I got the first one working fine without having to hex edit but the second one which is a reskinned version of the same head model as the first one just shows up as the the original one reskinned. Basically I have the same head in the game twice but two different named files for each head. So I am wondering if I need to hex edit the second head and if I do what do I look for when I open up the hex editor?

Edit: if it helps the I am using the Jedi_Master_4H head (Kaevee) and I renamed the two different head files KV_01 and KV_02

Second Edit: without doing anything with the hex editor yet(since I am not sure what to change with it) I tried the files again and now the new head only shows up as a Sentinial, not a Guardian or Master. The first head shows up as all three but the second one just as Sentinal and Master and Guardian have the first head in its place.

Yet another noob Edit: After some much needed sleep I relooked in the 2DA files and found my mistake. Forgot to add a couple of entries so no help needed now :)