View Full Version : Help: Getting the Defend Khoonda to run.

08-06-2007, 05:35 PM
Recently edited the dialog for Azkul, the leader of the mercenaries on Dantooine. To do so, both Azkul.dlg files were extracted using KotorTool and put into the override folder in the SWKotOR2 folder. The one that is around 155kb was edited.

The dialog with Azkul only seemed to work if there was only one Azkul.dlg file in the override folder (because they both had the same name, one file was put directly in the override folder while the other was put into a folder titled 'modules erf' which was also in the override folder (modules erf also contained the extracted files of all the DAN .dlg files). Therefore, one file (the one around 99kb) was removed to the desktop. And then the dialog with Azkul was had, and his posse of mercenaries were fought. However, there were multiple Azkuls and the number of mercenaries were a lot. Only one Azkul ran away, and only a few of the mercenaries were red and fought (oddly, it looked as though the other Azkuls were helping to fight the mercenaries).

Afterwards, traveled to Khoonda (the frag defenses were put up), and entered the building. A scene with Mical and Carth showed up. Then went to the room with Adare and Vrook. Zherron was also now in the room. When selected Vrook, though, his dialog was the same as when he was released after capture in the crystal cave. Furthermore, both Adare and Zherron didn't seem to be about to fight the mercenary invaders.

So traveled back to the Azkuls and co.

Azkul was selected, he ran away, and his mercenaries were fought. This could be repeated, and each time the number of Azkuls was reduced by one, along with more mercenaries. However, this stopped when the number of Azkuls was reduced to two.

So far, haven't been able to get the fight to defend Khoonda to initiate, and suspect that this is because of the editing of the files.

When the other Azkul.dlg (for after the battle) was put into the override folder, Azkul does his "dressed to kill." spiel, then the scene goes to some messed up gray rectangle (similar to movies with two black bars on the top and bottom) with a trapezoid of green grass without the blades of grass on the left side (as though there was a diagonal line around a quarter of the way from the left, and on the left was the green, on the right was the gray). Then the scene goes to back with Azkul, and the dialog is finished. Either Azkul.dlg file could be removed, or both, and the result is almost the same. If the roughly 155kb file is in, then Azkul no longer has a dialog (he used to, and mercenaries were fought). If the roughly 99kb file is in, then Azkul does the "dressed to kill." and acts as though Vrook is dead (the file is for after the battle). Even the whole override folder was taken out, and still the fight to defend Khoonda battle is not initiated. At this point, the worlds traveled to are: Peragus, Telos (and Citadel Station), and Dantooine.

Can any of you help?