View Full Version : Looking for a list of selectors for Myspace tables

08-09-2007, 03:42 PM
I've been goofing around with my myspace page using CSS. I came across these a while ago: http://www.myspace-layouts.org/tutorial.php and http://www.myspaceprodesigns.com/tutorial/. Is there a better explained list somewhere or do you guys know any more than what those sites have? My Google-Fu is lacking. What I'm looking for is an explanation of what selectors are what. IE, I know that:
-the 'body' is the gray area on the sides of the page;
-the 'table' selector is for the area behind the ad at the top of the page;
-the 'table table table table table' is the area underneath the comments and friends list.

I figure that if I could find all of the selectors, this could be a real easy way of learning/teaching basic css.