View Full Version : Modification Installtion order and compatiblity

08-09-2007, 08:27 PM
Hello Everyone, after becoming disillusioned with the current state of MMO's I have returned to the wonderful world of KotOR and TSL

So I started up TSL, and found some mods that appealed, and though about doing my own little rebalance. Nothing major, just adjusting the saves, attack, defense, vp, and fp gains, along with some minor adjustments to powers and feat gains.

I am currently having some issues and not able to figure out the causes.

I would like to use the following mods.

Alternate Handmaiden
Handmaiden for Female Exiles 1.2
HLF 2.1
Advanced AI for HLFP
BloodRayne pc
TAC-F 2.0
HAKPAK + Booster v2
Plus the added worlds of the Jedi Temple, the Droid Planet, and the HK factory.

Ihave some of them installed, but the one i seem to be running into issues with is the Handmaiden for female exiles.

I followed the instructions in the readme, but the silly wench stays on Telos.

Any Ideas?