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08-21-2007, 06:17 AM
New Quest and rewards for High Level Imperials
August 21, 2007 [DarthMaulUK]
Players who have already completed the Imperial Theme Park have been granted permission by the Galactic Empire to complete new tasks for the high ranking officials of the Empire. Imperial citizens and officers who complete the assignments set before them by the Empire will earn Galactic Civil War points for completing quests and will also obtain a brand new quest reward.

The Empire seeks your assistance in hunting down and eliminating threats to the Empire. You will be called on to thwart the efforts of the Rebel Alliance to recruit sympathizers and reinforce the Empire's position as the ultimate power in the universe. Your services are essential in reaching this objective.

To begin this adventure you must be a member of the Galactic Empire. You can become a member of the Empire by visiting a faction recruiter and declaring your allegiance. You can find an Imperial recruiter on Naboo near the spaceport in Theed at -4928 4228.

PS - if you have completed this quest or about to start it, why not send us in a guide