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08-26-2007, 11:56 PM
REport all major erros that havent's been solved yet with the game. for eammple- the handmaiden acadmey party member glitch has already been solved in a small mod, and other game glitches have been too. report all repetative and very annoying errors you find on PC here, and i will add them to the list, whihc for now is small- this includes glitches from mods.

K1: no major ones so far as i've seen.

K2: Kotor savegame editor gltich: When adding force powers, never add droid abilities, such as the flamethower feat- this will make you lose all your powers, and you will have to reedit your character all the way from level one to get your powers back, since you have to go in, get powers, and come back to the editor so you can actually select the force-fowers thing under classes and what class you are.

Strength or Dexterity higher than 30 can often lead to your weapons having infinite damage- Ex- -50, -99, etc, etc. you can notice the error when looking under the messages log and 'combat'. I'd like for this to be fixed sometime, as when playing agaisnt an enemy with 2000 health and killing him in one hit even with a lightsaber doing overall 150-200 total damage kinda spoils the fun of landing some cool attack moves on him.

Charisma over 30 often caused Party members to have an alignment problme, as they radnomly switch between, dark, nnuetral, and lightside every area you load up into if this occurs. this needs to be fixed, as i would rather enjoy having an infinite persuade skill and all force powers costing 0 force points. and i'd like to finally equip lightside.nuetral.darkside only itesm to them permantenetly without having to not have a high charisma. Kreia is uneffected by this.

Attributes OVER 220 or so often glitch backwards and go into being something like this: wisdom: 6, -2. never edit attributes to be over 220 overall. don't forget, all you items enhancing your attrbutes can also mess this up, o make sure it never goes above 220. this would also be nice to have fixed.

Any more errors i haven't noticed? mention them here.

08-27-2007, 01:21 AM
You cannot call things you edit with KSE 'Glitches' or 'Bugs' because, as with all savegame editors, you edit things at your own risk and can indeed cause unforseen glitches in a game. Nothing you list here can be 'fixed' either, other than using numbers within normal ranges.

KSE has its own thread in our Tools forum, perhaps post this type of info for people there. Mod glitches are to be reported in their respective release threads in T.U.C.E..

This forum is for people to ask for assistance with game-stopping issues so this thread (while a valiant attempt) gets the axe, sorry.