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08-29-2007, 04:14 PM
Alright, I decided to give a shot at RPing. Hope you enjoy! Basically, male Revan and the male Exile come back from the Unknown Regions about the True Sith and them leading the largest armada ever known. I just feel like allowing all the Jedi Masters to be alive.

Their goal isn't the Republic, but to take over the Galaxy. This means regular Sith also. So, the Republic allies themselves with the Sith and Mandalorians to fight the True Sith. But the True Sith have much more numbers, better technology, and more powerful soldiers and Jedi.

We're a group of 10, that launches out attacks against the True Sith empire, and we join fearsome battles. You can be a Sith/Republic/Mandalorian soldier, Sith/Jedi, or mercenary.

Couple of rules.

No God mode.

You can insult the players character, but not the player themselves.

We will meet characters from KOTOR and KOTOR II. You can be these characters in a conversation or during a fight. But don't make them totally opposite of what they really are. Make a character sheet like this.

And no taking control of other people's characters unless they give their permission.

Name: William Graff
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Homeworld: Korriban
Occupation: Hunter/Gray Jedi
Weapon of Choice: Dual lightsabers one blue one silver and wrist blades
Armour: Jal Shey
Bio: William Graff was born on a remote area of Korriban, where the people they feared Force users. He lived happily with his parents, until his father learned that his mother used to be a Jedi, and killed her and attempted to kill him. Using the Force out of instinct, he killed his Father and the mob.

Shortly after that, Kreia took him in, and he became her apprentice. Fearing that William would turn into a Sith Lord from the power he was gaining, the Jedi removed him after five years of apprenticeship. But by that time, he was well known.

He later joined Revan in the Mandalorian Wars, and left after it instead of following him or returning to the Order. William searched for his first Master, but Kreia sent him a holocron that contained teachings of both Sith and the Jedi with a message, "I don't want you to suffer my fate."

He has remained a hunter, and a Gray Jedi. He returned to the Republic after learning that all Jedi and Sith were needed. William has jet black hair, with a slightly pale complection, and also, has a medium height. Less forgiving like the Sith, kind like the Jedi.

08-29-2007, 04:43 PM
I will join but I cant post the Bio right now... I will post tonight. :D I like the story.

Jason Skywalker
08-29-2007, 07:02 PM
Seems interesting. I'll join!

Name: Born Thesak Hatol, currently none.
Age: 25
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Homeworld: Unknown, raised on Korriban
Occupation: Sith
Weapon of Choice: Red Lightcane (hilt size of a cane and saber blade a little bigger to accomodate the hilt size, like Darth Nihl)
Armour: Dark Jedi Robe

Bio: Born in an unknown planet and raised on Korriban, Thesak was trained to be only a thing and have only one purpose on his life : Sith. A mediocre student at best, Thesak was often bullied by other Siths at first but then met a Sith student who became his "associate" at best, Naver. After their encounter, he gave them his infamous glare of death that would make them back off. He barely talked and when the evaluation period began, something seemed to craze Thesak, luring groups of students at different times to different places and slaughtered them all until all was left was him and Naver who where brought to different portions of Naga Sadow's tomb and met in the final room where they dueled with Thesak easily defeating and killing Naver, receiving the custom and engraved Sith Lightsaber as a reward for being made a full-fledged Sith.

The years passed by and the Sith were much like the Jedi - a small fraction of what they once were. Thesak simply killed people for fun and collected many Jedi's lightsabers after killing them, thus making his custom giant Lightsaber hilt. He was known as the Shadow of Death in that period because every witness to his murders could easily see a shadow and a red light on a corner long enough before disappearing. The Sith eventually reformed (i assume) but Thesak was nowhere to be seen and now they have joined the galaxy's efforts in destroying the True Sith, the Sith simply because they believe themselves superior, Thesak, now currently unnamed for being so long without saying it or hearing it because he simply wants to kill and be killed, having lost his reason for existence long ago.

Despite his crazed and erratic behavioring, Thesak is actually very handsome with gray shaggy hair and azure eyes that could pierce one's heart just by being looked at them. Whenever Thesak goes crazed, his eyes change to a bloodlusting red with also blood marks in the form of wavy lines on his cheeks appear. He wears a Dark Jedi Robe with a mask to hide away his face and a cape connected to a hood which conceals his face except for his eyes when they're red.

Whew, that was a long one. Hope you enjoy. :)

JoeDoe 2.0
08-29-2007, 07:25 PM
Seems interesting. I'll post my character later on.

08-30-2007, 03:39 PM
I'm glad that many people like this! I hope you don't mind if we start after all 10 players have joined.