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08-29-2007, 04:50 PM
Every time I try to start up a forum game, I usually average about 0 posts in interest. Maybe this time might be better, but if not, at least I can comfort myself on an awesome introductory post. So here it is:

Hi. My name is SilentScope001.

You see, in my spare time, I do a bit of Fanasty GMing with people over at the local gaming shop. It's awesome. I get to go and boss players around, and it's fun. However, I seem to have gotten a problem. I was GMing a game for some Munchkins, you know, the powergamey people who always mini-max and try to defeat the GM. I really didn't like them, but hey, they pay well, and it was a slow week.

Anyway, they went to the Evil Headquaters of Varils, an evil overlord who wants to take over the world of Avvi. My magical heroes, with strength and magic points easily defeat the 58 Red Dragons, before meeting up with Varils himself. Varils makes an evil speech, and then tries to recruit the Players, promising them ultimate power, lots of magical spells, and all the XP points they could ever desire.

...The Munchkins accepted. They wanted power, and higher XP. ...Oh dear.

You see, I hate Varlis. He's a bad guy, and of course I'm supposed to hate him. I thought the Munchkins would hate him too, but it turns out they were his biggest fans. Now, the Munchkins are allied with Varlis...nothing can stop him. He can overrun the free world...and if he sets up his portal, he can go and attack my other GM worlds, ruin them!

I made a feeble defense with my GM-controlled NPC units over at the Capital City of the Human Empire, but it failed miserably after I rolled a 1 for my units and the Munchkins begin casting Fireballs and dumping Huge Ships on my forces. I even appeared as an avatar, but I got executed rather quickly. The Forces of Good are dispresed throughout the world. It will be a matter of time before Varlis mop up the resistance eand move onto conquering the mulitverse...

I only hold the Magical Temple, but it is running out of mana, and my GMing powers are weakening. So I need your help. If anyone can spare some time, I'll teleport them in as players into the game world to fight off Varlis. I'll allow anything, but I can't get you to do Godmodding. Varlis control most of the Magicsphere...and the bigger the Godmodding, the easier he can to retcon it. But please, assist at once! This is a War Against All That is Good! Do we want Varlis to invade all our other campagins?

08-29-2007, 07:28 PM
Anything as in technology and such as well? Or anything within the magic realm?

08-31-2007, 01:45 PM
Generic Fanasty. No technology, everything is explained away as magic.