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08-29-2007, 07:52 PM
The Land of Morta has changed. The democracy known as the Mortan Empire has become a dictatorship called the Divine Empire of Man. Now, our elected Emperor has been stripped of his power and reduced to a figurehead under Temple's Holy Inquisitors, who ruthlessly hunt down heretics and oppress those they claim the gods deem unworthy (ie:non-humans). However, this tyranny may be brought to an end from within...

Ok, so you can choose mainly to be on the side of the Temple, the resistance, or a commoner. The playable races are primarily the clichéd fantasy races of human, elf, and dwarf.

Curudir Therias
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Weapon: Twin Longswords
Class: Knight
Appearance: Long black hair, Caucasian skintone, green eyes, vertical scar near right eye, clad in heavy Armour.
Bio: A former Imperial Soldier, Curudir left before the Emperor allowed the Temple to take over Morta and replaced the Imperial Army with the dreaded Holy Inquisitors. He secretly despises the Temple, but keeps that to himself, knowing that if it became public knowledge, it could cost him his life. In spite of this, he will aid those who share his feelings towards the temple, because he believes that if it will help restore freedom, it must be done.

I'm also looking for someone to play a rogue priestess who carries with her heretical documents which could restore the Mortan Empire, but could secure the Temple's hold on Morta as well.

09-04-2007, 06:54 PM
I'll play the rogue priestess. Sounds like fun. I'll also play a second character since I have a partiality to a certain mythical race. Ok lemme see...

Name: Darlene Karras
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Weapon: Short sword but more deadly with fist and foot
Class: Priestess
Appearance: Wears the soft gold robes of the temple when attending to the needs of the temple. On tour she wears warrior clothing. Golden brown hair and blue-grey eyes distinguish her from the other priestesses who are often darkhaired and brown eyed.
Bio: As a priestess of the Temple, she was exposed to the 'crusade' of annihilating the non-human races. On the sly, she took it upon herself to raid the archives for heretical documents. Knowing that the elders would notice them missing, she copied everything into a single volume that she hid in her room and took with her wherever she went. Reading the information she had, she began to doubt the wisdom of the temple elders.
Once while making an 'inspection tour' alone, she was nearly accosted by some men of the woods. She was saved by a lone warrior armed with a long bow and sword. When it was safe, she asked the warrior to remove his hood so that she could thank him properly only to find out that her rescuer was on of the elf people. Knowing that she should report him, she instead refused allowing him to live and in turn was invited to the refugee settlement for some of his people and other peoples like the dwarves.
Her time with the non humans opened her eyes and she offered the information she had to help bring back the Empire of old and topple the regime.

Name: Rowan Aldstar
Race: Elf
Gender: Male
Weapon: Long bow and sword
Class: Warrior
Appearance: Elvish height of six feet; brown boots and pants with white shirt; vest of a dark green and brown; dark green cape with hood; dark brown hair and golden brown eyes
Bio: After the persecution of his people began, Rowan led them into the woods, hiding them in the brush and in the trees. He fought against the execution squads through ambush and misdirection. His way not fully accepted by his people, he chose to be an outcast but maintained a fierce loyalty in protecting his people. He befriended a group of dwarves trying to hide from the executioner squads and gave them sanctuary with his people who were willing to put aside differences since both were suffering the same fate.
He nearly outed himself and his people when he rescued a priestess of the temple from a bunch of thugs. She proved herself by offering knowledge of deemed heretical documents and by not ratting him out to an execution squad that happened to be wandering by. He vowed to do whatever it took to keep the wrath of the elders from harming her.

Empress Padme
09-05-2007, 01:37 AM
i so wanna be in this as an elf.However I'm having difficulty thinking of a class for my female elf.

Elodete R'el
Race: Elf
Gender: Female
Weapon:bow n' arrows
Class: ????
Bio:A very inexperianced Elf when it comes to life.She's very sheltered and shy but once she knows a person she opens up and becomes very loyal to those she chooses as friends.She has a fear of losing people having lost her mother at a young age.She's very much a lost soul , looking for guidence.When her father's carriage was attacked she fled a nearby forest, where she now hides.

09-05-2007, 09:38 PM
Well, I was expecting more people, but I suppose the premise is a bit controversial. It might be hard to find someone who does RPs, but isn't offended. We still need some people to take the side of the Temple.

09-06-2007, 12:05 PM
If needs to be, I can play a member of the temple. Lord knows that I have proved myself juggling six or seven characters in another RP. Let me know if no one else decides to play.

09-06-2007, 06:14 PM
Well, I contacted steven, but I didn't get a response from him yet, so I'll create a villian type character.

High Inquisitor Torah
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Weapon: Staff of the Gods
Class: Holy Inquisitor
Backstory: Being the advisor to the Emperor prior to the rise of the Temple, he was named head of the Holy Inquisitors. His fanatical devotion to Temple doctrine is matched only by the number of citizens who fear him. When he received word of Priestess Karras' defection, he swore to hunt her down and destroy the heretical documents personally.

Well, I suppose it's time to start this thing up!

09-21-2007, 01:07 PM
I am adding another character to the scene since I created them

Name: Saimhain
Race: Elf/Nightcrawler
Age: 400+ years
Gender: Male
Class: Undisputed leader of the Nightcrawlers
Once an Elf withan Elvish name, Samhain was turned into a Nightcrawler by his sire known as Lillian. Taking the name Saimhain, he rampaged throughout the land feeding on his own kind. At one point he gathered the Nightcrawlers and turned them into a force under him, fighting all the way to the top. He killed his sire to show his ruthlessness and led the Nightcrawlers. About forty years before the priestess left the Temple forever, he came across an Elf warrior who fought him to the death. He was spared by the Elf who was battered, bloody and near death but not without the Elf etching in a symbol to display his damnation. Saimhain ended up knocking the Elf into a river and took the Elf's sword. Since then, he has been on a search for the Elf who marked him, vowing to kill him or turn him.
He was approached the the Temple head to be the unnofficial force of the Temple seeking out the uncleand and bleeding them dry. They tolerated him barely since he was in Elf form but he did his job since it guaranteed a food supply for his forces. He swore though that the Temple would never rule him.