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Jonny H
09-01-2007, 12:24 PM
Lots of people have been discussing what they would like to see in the inevitable battlefront 3 but it is all in the context of before episode VI, I haven't seen anyone pick up on the fact that it is entirely possible to base battlefront 3 on events after the films. In fact I think it would be great for Lucas Arts to do this as swb 1 and swb 2 weren't that different to each other in terms of events and if swb 3 was set in the film series too, then I would think that we would have 3 very similar games on our hands (although good ones at that). Of course they could improve swb 3 by gameplay or more set missions in story mode but I think it would be a revelation if swb 3 was set after the film events; there could be entirely new units, maps, and even never before seen factions. I do however appreciate that creating a game set after the films would require a great deal of thought as there are no films to base them on but I think star wars games set after the films like the 'Jedi Knight series' are the way forwards...

Please give your views on this 'proposal' and am I just a raving looney?..

09-01-2007, 03:08 PM
As long as they go with the UT style where instead of replacing, they keep everything but add more, sounds good.

09-01-2007, 04:21 PM
Please give your views on this 'proposal' and am I just a raving looney?..

Raving looney, due to the fact that doing so will make other people who cares about Star Wars but hate the EU VERY ANGRY.

"Wait, who's this strange Blue Dude who's blowing my guys up? Thrawn? Wait a second, I thought Palpatine is dead, why is he alive and with some strange weapon that can crush Suns? Come to think of it, didn't Boba Fett die also? And who are those strange alien dudes who's resistant to Force Powers? Are you sure this is Star Wars or just some poorly written fan fic?"

That being said, I'd love to have such a game so that I understand the EU without having to read it. I just don't think the general public would want it.

09-01-2007, 06:26 PM
The Battlefront games aren't really "based" in any specific time period, but there's no reason the campaign mode couldn't feature the events after ROTJ, like the Alliance winning the galaxy from the Empire.
They've definitely done all the films battles to death in the first two games, but they might just keep the battles of Hoth and Endor as the main focus to show off the new graphics in a familiar context.

SilentScope001, while I welcome EU content into the game, I agree with you about the fact that all the Palpatine alive, sun crusher Vong EU is utter cr*p, and would ruin SWBF3 for me if it were the main focus.
But I doubt that SWBF3 will be based in an EU era, EU content will probably be minimal in the campaign and make up a large minority of the other parts of the game.

09-02-2007, 07:28 PM
The battles in battlefront were never meant to be accurate to the books or movies. It's more of a game to provide an atmosphere/playground/battlefield where you can have any battle against any faction. For instance... Clones don't belong on the DeathStar. Clones were deactivated by the time the deathstar was built... and the republic had become the empire.

SWBF3 could and should be an expansion pack to SWBF2. I thought SWBF2 could have been an expansion pack to SWBF1 as well though. But as Pandemic isn't doing it and it's an entirely different company that would be doing it (If such a project existed :clap2:) a totally new format for the game may result.

They could go beyond the movies and into the books for battlefields, but I don't think they'd have to. They could use just the movies as they've basically done so far. I don't think they've hit every avenue of every battlefield.

I'd love to see a really decent Space Deathstar battle. One where you could take out targets on the surface of the deathstar with strafing runs into the trenches as well. Enemy ships could play more of a defensive role for the deathstar. SWBF3 could also include unlockable ships for space much like the unlockable units or unlockable jedi they have now. The ship would sit in the hanger and you wouldn't be able to board it unless you you had a certain score for the map.

Another battlefield addition could be bringing Bespin Cloud City back and doing an expanded Cloud City Map. The map in SWBF1 was awsm and is still one of the most popular among the SWBF1 crowd. The GameToast Conversion pack does have a converted Bespin Cloud City for SWBF2.. but it's the same map as SWBF1. I'd like to see an expanded map like they did for Kamino from SWBF1 to SWBF2.

I wouldn't mind seeing an expanded Tatooine map as well. One loaded with Tuskens like in SWBF1. A corruscant city battle would be awsm. The current one is just the Jedi Temple.. but how about one that incorporated more of a gorilla style warfare in the streets of corruscant. There's an awsm mod for this in the PC version but is an awsm idea for SWBF3.

There's so many possibilities with just using the current movies as the base for the battlefields of the game... I don't think they'd have to go into the books to look for them. The campaign/story mode of the game could be made up... or follow a book story line... it wouldn't matter to me either way.

09-04-2007, 03:55 PM
I think battlefornt shoulsd stick to its roots but add alot of EU goodies. Renegade Squadron contains alot of EU material, in fact- it begins during the New Republic and goes back to the GCW.

09-12-2007, 01:00 PM
It needs binoculers...

09-13-2007, 08:29 AM
I believe it should keep it set during the 6 film period or right before episode I and right after episode VI. Add things like EU vehicles, starships, planets! For Example: Boz Pity, Cato Nemodia, Alderran, AT-XT Walker, AT-PT Walker, Tie Advanced, B-wing, Tie Defender, Millenium Falcon, Slave I, Outrider, Naboo N-1 Starfighter, Dwarf Spider Droid, Octopurra Droid, Chameleon Droid, AT-OT Walker (3 legged Republic Walker from Episode III), Clone Turbo Tank, and Imperial Lamdba Class Shuttle. Just a small amount of stuff not in Battlefront 1 or 2.