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Land of Mythology: The Seven Kingdoms

Once, long ago, the seven Empires of these lands were united in peace and mutual respect for each other. Then the manipulation of the four Dark Lords swept across the lands of the seven Kings and war began.

For almost one hundred generations the darkness of death and war engulfed the world in shadow. Blood has spilled into the sea, sand and soil while the Dark Lords watched the lands waiting for the time of their ascension to become rulers of all the kingdoms.

Weakened the seven kings met and declared a truce, so peace could once again reign, but it was too late. The dark hordes came from everywhere man’s blood had been spilled and began to spread across the world like a plague.

Unified the people of the seven kingdoms have begun to defend their homes against the darkness and the Power of the Dark Lords.

The destruction of man seems inevitable and when all seemed loss the kings chose to send a party to find the Angel’s Heart. A relic believed to have the power to bring an end to the Evil armies and the only thing capable of killing the Dark Lords.
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The Seven Kingdoms

Amazons- The Amazons are humans that inhabit the emerald rainforests to the east and are matriarchal; the women are the leaders and warriors. Famed for their hunters and trackers, they follow the Goddess Athena.

Dwarves- The Dwarves inhabit the caves at the base of the Northern Hamill mountains. Known for their use of hammers and axes, they follow the God Thor.

Kavrar- The Kavrari are humans who inhabit the plains and the west coast of the main continent, the nation is Guarded by the Legendary Legion, they follow the God Zeus.

Maria- The Island elves inhabit the Maria isles off the west coast of the main continent. Known to be the only people to use gunpowder, they follow the God Poseidon.

Oasisan Tribes- The Oasisan or Men of the desert inhabit the great southern desert. They are spiritual and ruled by sorcerers and wizards. They follow the God Osiris.

Shasatowa- The Wood Elves live in the central forest. Famed for their affinity with nature, they follow the God Heimdall.

Valkyrie- The Valkyrie are Human/elf hybrids that inhabit villages built high up on the side of the Northern Hamill mountains and are matriarchal. They have tamed the legendary Pegasus Winged horses and are famed for riding them. They follow the Goddess Skadi.

Note: They’re vague so other people can input their own ideas and give them more freedom when doing bios.

The Dark Lords and their Armies

Abtai, Lord of Beasts- Abtai has Command over various half men, half beast creatures including the Anubi, (http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a353/starmark2k/anubi.jpg) Minotuars (http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a353/starmark2k/Minotaur.jpg) and Goro. (http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a353/starmark2k/attar.jpg)

Phobo, Lord of Fear- Phobo has Command over the armies of fear including the Slithers (http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a353/starmark2k/Snakemen.jpg) and giant spiders.

Vamzed, Lord of the Undead- Vamzed power is only effective at night when he commands hordes of Zombies and Vampires.

Atmon, Lord of the Elements- Atmon only has four powerful giants under him, The frost Giant, The Fire Giant, The Air Giant and the Earth Giant.
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The Story

The RP is set in the Fantasy world where Mythological creature rule. You play a member of the group made of people from each of the seven kingdoms to travel into the Dark lands and find the Angel’s heart in order to free the world. The first meeting of this group will happen in the Capital city of Kavrar, Arothrif.

You can come from any one of the Kingdoms but please try to spread it out so everyone isn’t from the same place.
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Rules- Rp forum rules are standard.
no 'super' Characters
no killing Pcs without permission
Minimal Char Control (it’s unrealistic to rp without it creeping in)
Thread master controls all 'plot sensitive' Npcs
7 day Absence rule- don’t post for seven days your character becomes a NPC until you return.
No one liners
__________________________________________________ ____________________

Character Sheet

Name: (John Doe, Jane doe, etc)
Kingdom: (Must be from one of the Seven)
Sex: (Male or female)
Age: (18+, Elf and Valkyrie age at half pace. So a 60 year old elf appears as 30)
Class: (Anything that describes your characters skills. I.E Soldier, Wizard, Knight, etc.)

Appearance: (Pic or description)

Weapons/Equipment: (Weapons, tools and armour.)
Specialist Skills/Knowledge: (Skill that your character has that will be useful on the ship or hunting, Limit 3)
Magic: (If Applicable, Avoid God-modding but they can be anything. Limit 3, unless you are a sorcerer/wizard of some description then you can have 5)

Bio:( (History and personality, Not overly detailed but no snubs)
__________________________________________________ ____________________

Note: My character is a temp in case there is a balance issue.
Name: Stathorn (Pronounced: Sta-thorn) Son of Kamir
Kingdom: Kavrar
Sex: Male
Age: 32
Class: Legionnaire

Appearance: Stathorn in Armour ( http://tes.ag.ru/oblivion/armor/img/ebony_armor.gif )

Weapons/Equipment: Armour of the Kavrar Legion Including shield, Long Steel Sword, Silver Bow and Arrows.
Specialist Skills/Knowledge:
Master Swordsman- Fighting many battles Stathorn has become a master in melee combat.
Knowledge: lay of the land- Stathorn knows haw to navigate to the dark Lands and beyond thanks to his fathers passed on knowledge and his own travels.

Fire weapon- Stathorn can Magically power his Sword and arrows with flame.
Favour of Osiris- As the Son of a Oasisan Tribe priestess, he can empower is body with enhanced strength.

Born the son of a famous explorer who ventured into the dark Lands to the east, his mother was a priestess form the Oasis Tribes. He was born in the desert but when he was a child his parents went back to his fathers home city of Arothrif, The Capital city of Kavrar. Although this was during War his mother had mo trouble thanks to his fathers reputation, but Stathorn was not so lucky being half Kavrari half Oasian. As a youth he was considered an outcast among the other children and had no friends, this made him a recluse and quiet.

As the war still raged when Stathorn turned 16 he was drafted into the legion to protect the City he lived in. Here he found he was a skilled fighter and slowly began to earn the respect that was lacking from his childhood. He was stationed to the General in charge of the assaults on the enemy positions and he found himself travelling around the Seven kingdoms fighting many battles. Here he earned more respect and a reputation of being a fighter, he also learnt to use the power he had inherited from his mother to make him even better.

Soon he was made a commander of the legion and stationed back at Arothrif and placed on the defence. During his time here the city was only attacked once, but in this battle Stathorn was pivotal in the victory and placed as one of the Kings guard.

He has been picked by the King himself to represent the Kavrari in the search for the Angel’s Heart.

No need to ask if you can join just post a Char sheet. If there are problems I’ll let you know. For now it’s one character to a player unless it would appear we need more.

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This sounds interesting, and would be the first RP I've taken part in that I haven't started myself in a while. Since you're basing your character on your Oblivion character, mind if I base mind off my Lord of the Rings Online character?
Name: Curudir, son of Curadan
Kingdom: Kavrar
Sex: Male
Age: 24
Class: Champion
Weapons: Claymore, longbow, chainmail armour
Skilled swordsman Through rigourous training, he has become very powerful with a sword.
Sense of direction This one sort of explains itself, doesn't it?
Battlecry Curudir can use shouts to demoralise his enemies, inspire his allies, or force a foe to focus on him.

Gem of Hope Curudir can inspire courage in his allies using a crystal of unknown origin. Reference to the Glass of Aglaral from Lord of the Rings Online

Curudir was born in Arothrif, capital of Kavrar, and has always had a feeling of loyalty and pride towards his homeland. He joined the Royal Army as soon as he came of age, proving himself one of Kavrar's finest men.

Though young, he has seen his share of battle, often serving under Stathorn. Living in Arothrif, he is no stranger to the political affairs of the world. His loyalty is unquestionable, though he also sees a need to act independently when it serves the greater good. Although he was not chosen personally by the King to represent Kavrar in the quest to find the Angel's Heart, he has volunteered his services to the fellowship(do you mind me using that term?) and joined them willingly.

During his service in the military, discovered an ancient crystal with the the power to manipulate the morale of those around him. He has kept it to himself, but secretly uses it to inspire his fellows. He is secretive about it because he knows that such power can corrupt, and there are those who will kill for it.

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Name: Freyd Hern
Kingdom: Mireir (Rebel faction once part of Kavrar)
Sex: Male
Age: 23
Class: Knight Warrior
Weapons/Equipment: Sword (name: Kaliz), Wood shield, armor, helmet, and other equipments.
Specialist Skills/Knowledge:
1) Great Swordsman.
2) Good Ruler.
3) Good Commander.

Magic :( none)


Freyd, Son of Freid Hern a noble knight and captain of the Imperial Legion and Livea Mej a Noble Woman of rich family.

Freyd was born in a small province named Mireir, as kid was trained by his dad to be a master in the art of war and combat, he was good at battle but so as well in science and mathematics making him a good leader kid. War begun in Kayrar and his father along with Freyd’s brother Huan where send to war, Freyd’s father died in battle sadly but Huan came back to the town in look of Freyd which was already old enough to fight, he was 15 and was already taking the posture of the right hand of his brother.

Freyd fought for more than 2 years in the borders and became a veteran soon enough, the legion gave him a break to return to his province, what he saw was misery and poverty, the kingdom upraised the tax in the province and people did not had enough money to pay, months later Freyd was notified that his brother died assassinated, it was then said that his brother was killed by a rival captain of the legion, Freyd was in angered with the Kyrar kingdom and the province it self was revolting against the kingdom, Freyd decided to train and lead a group of peasant, smiths and all the men’s willing to fight for their freedom.

At the age of 19 Freyd was Commander of the rebel forces of Mireir and with half a province free, the kingdom of Kayrar managed to convince the people of Mireir with negotiations that bring peace for the kingdom and the free province.

The Province was not ruled by a king nither a leader, was ruled by a council of 4 men, each one from 4 villages that composed the province, Tatid council member of Kel , Yeman council member of Kitte, Uttir council member of Riem and Freyd council member of Oinin. The province believed in the god of Zeus and where frankly good and honored people.

(The war against Kayrar is over and they are friend and allies of the kingdom, helping them against their enemies)

Empress Padme
09-08-2007, 08:06 PM
Name: Natasha Octavio
Kingdom: Valkarie
Sex: Female
Age: 55
Class: Preistess

Appearance: white hair and skin.Purple dressing.Slender but athletic build.

Weapons/Equipment: Axe and Sword
Specialist Skills/Knowledge: She's rather strong, very warrior like,can carry heavy stuff which suprises people
Magic:none at the moment

Bio: A loyal and dedicated person. Strict on herself , she needs to loosen up.She's a little icy but could easily thaw around the right people. She guards her emotions ( that will change throughout the RP as she meets and gains friends.) She's a restless spirit who lives for battle and maybe even a little drama. She was raised by her mother alone after her father was killed in front of her when she was young. She also has a fondness for pegasus winged horses, any horses really , she feels like their kindered spirits to her.Her mother was a priestess , her father a Valkyrie warrior. Her father was a great warrior and she fights this evil for honor and a sense of duty.

09-08-2007, 11:43 PM
Name: Kiara
Kingdom: Amazon
Sex: Female
Age: 23
Class: Hunter/Tracker

Appearance: Kiara (http://www.focusonstyle.com/frontrow/images/cwIMG_3935.gif)


Bow (http://www.classic-bow.com/catalog/images/9851.jpg), a gift from the Amazon's queen, Kiara's adoptive mother
twin daggers (http://www.nordavind.net/nordavind/ger/lotr/ip090-5.JPG), given to Kiara by an Elf whose life she saved

Specialist Skills/Knowledge:

Hunting/Tracking: as is common with Amazon women, Kiara has been trained from an early age in hunting and tracking


Concealment: not magic per se, but Kiara is unusually good at being unseen when she wants to hide

Bio: Kiara was born to one of the less significant families in the Amazons kingdom, but when she was eight years old, her mother was killed and her father left. For two years, the girl had no significant guiding hand. Then, she attracted the attention of the reigning queen and was adopted into the royal family. Initially, it was never assumed that she would take the throne, for the queen had an elder daughter. But the queen's blood-related daughter was thrown over a cliff in a battle against a small band of undead, which set Kiara as next in line for the throne.

Because of her upbringing, Kiara holds a very low view of the worth of men. It's difficult for her to believe that any man could be useful for anything beyond common housework or basic gardening. And though the queen understood her adopted daughter's views, she chose Kiara as a representative of the Amazons to join the search for the Angel's Heart. The queen hopes that spending time around men from nations where men are in charge will help Kiara to realize that some men are worthy of respect.

09-09-2007, 04:23 AM
Looking good so far but can Empress and Alkonium add a little more to the bios regarding your characters histories. This will let us know more on your characters and the lands they came from.

@ Empress Padme: The Classes can be whatever you feel is appropriate for your character. So depending on your character’s history it can be something like Pegasus Knight, Priestess or even just Valkyrie Warrior.

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Name: Keld Kaliko
Kingdom: Maria
Sex: Male
Age: 35
Class: Privateer, Sailor, Marine, Scoundrel

Appearance: Keld wears a tri-conered hat, black medium length unkempt hair, clean shaven, a few tattoos including a jolly roger on his shoulder, (dresses like a pirate because that was he pretty much is)

Weapons/Equipment: Steel Cutlass, blunderbuss, four matchlock pistols, throwing knives

Specialist Skills/Knowledge: Naval Warfare, Sharpshooter, Excellent Swordsman

Magic: Powerful Intuition, Can Slow Down Perception of Time (he cannot slow down time or move faster than his physical ability)

Bio: Born and destined to die on the high seas, Keld commands a privateer warship "The Lucky Star" manned by a cutthroat but loyal crew. Deemed to be the fastest of Maria's ships.

Equipped with a wealthy family and scholastic aptitude, he managed to be accepted into Maria's best Naval Academy "Trident" at the age of 15. Unfortunately Keld was withheld the highest honors at graduation due to a number of disciplinary infractions during his schooling. Including almost getting the penalty of expulsion on one such occasion.

On his first tour of duty during the war of the seven kingdoms, Keld disobeyed orders and was therefore dishonorably discharged from the navy. But not even this could keep him away from the sea. Keld used his family wealth to purchase a ship and hire a crew. After aquiring letters of marque from the reluctant King of Maria, he immediatly took to plundering the supply vessels of the other kingdoms. Kaliko's flag would strike fear into the very hearts of men that manned merchant or cargo vessels that became victims of the Lucky Angel. Eventually, Keld was even able to win the loyalty of his crew.

In time, Keld stole the love of the people of Maria for his feats at sea while gaining the hatred of the King and his court. Which is why he was chosen as champion, to go to Arothrif. For the King of Maria believes that the quest to Angel's Heart is a fools errand and it would be best to send somebody disposable.

Personality: Though trained as a military man, Keld usually holds a carefree, laid back and humorous attitude. Including a habit of making witty jokes. In contrast to the usual stern way of Maria's military men. Keld never seems to take anything seriously, even in battle. But actions speak louder than words looking at his accomplishments.

---you said Maria has gunpowder, and I figured my weapons arent too much. I also figured it would be all matchlock weapons and cannons. Anything more advanced wouldn't be good.

09-09-2007, 07:13 AM
Name: Ardeth (Air-deth)
Kingdom: Oasisan Tribes
Sex: Male
Age: 32
Class: Mage

Appearance: Click here (http://paulap.republika.pl/daniel.jpg)(ignore the name, it was the best picture of I could find of what I wanted.

Staff-Long thick stick used to help Ardeth walk, fight and represent his faith. Over than the Osiris symbol displayed at the top of the staff,
Isis Robes- Unique robes given to Ardeth from Isis, the brother and wife of his god Osiris, after killing a cult worshiping Seth. The Robes overs him little protection from magical attacks.

Specialist Skills/Knowledge:

Magic Knowledge- Because of years of training, Ardeth is rather skilled in using the magic powers granted to him by his gods.


Winds of the desert gives him the power to direction a medium force wind, and although it can't do so much in the way of damaging a person, it is useful for causing small sandstorms and throwing arrows off course.
Eye of Osiris is an average fireball attack which can either launch the fireballs from his hand or redirect them from his staff.
Tears of Isis is a powerful healing magic. It can heal most wounds however healing a person drains energy from Ardeth himself. The time needed for Ardeth to rest depends on the extend of the injuries he healed. He cannot use this power of himself.
Power of Geb A power granted from Osiris' father, Geb, which requires Ardeth staff to the hint to send a small shock wave around the point of impact. This shock wave knocks down all enemies touched by the shock wave.

Bio: Ardeth was born and raised in the Great Southern Desert as a worshiper and soldier for wife and sister of the Great Egyptian god Oasis, Isis. His mother was a priestess, and was honored by the task of giving birth to a child that would serve as a life long servant to Isis, however after bedding a large group of chosen warriors (one at a time of course), she failed to become pregnant. After this realization came to her, she prayed to her gods and the goddess this priestess devoted her life to answered her call. Isis tricked her husband's highest priest into making love to her and whilst the act was taking place, Hathor, who had been called upon by Isis, used her godly powers to ensure that by the end of the night, the priestess would be pregnant by the Osiris High Priest

Strangely enough, even though he is technically the Son of such a powerful man, this had no effect on Ardeth at all throughout his growing up. His skills the use of his magic was due to training given to him by his mother who raised Ardeth with the assistance of the temple of Isis. And as soon as he training was complete and was old enough to fight, he was called upon by Isis to perform deeds which often involved bloodshed and use of force. Every time he completed a mission successfully, either he, or his mother, was rewarded with either attributes, magic or gifts.

When the Oasisan Tribes were pulled into the worst part of the combat, Ardeth was called upon by his gods to defend an important temple to Oasis close to meeting point between the Great Southern Desert, Mireir and the Dark Lands. Unfortunately, the temple was constantly under attack by the Dark Lord Abtai who sent countless numbers Anubi soldiers. After one month of combat, Ardeth was forced to retreat after he got word from Isis that Abtai had summoned a dark, powerful creature to destroy the temple. He tried to convince the mages he was with to follow his lead however they were determined to fight and underestimated Abtai's power. They fell along with the temple.

Because of this failure, Ardeth had lost all favor with his gods, expect the one who had served all of his life and she had rewarded him with the information that allowed him to live, Isis. She was able to convince the other gods to send Ardeth on an important mission to find a sacred relic called the Angel’s Heart. In return, they would return their favor to him and allow him to serve them once more, which is one of few things that matters to Ardeth.

09-09-2007, 07:46 AM
Name: Tylon Sayge

Kingdom: Maria

Species: Elf/Human hybrid

Sex: Male

Age: 24 years and 6 months

Class: Bounty Hunter

Weapons/Equipment: Elven Sword x2, Marian Pistol x2 (yeah... cause of the gunpowder thing), black and gray armor, arm guards

Appearance: Dirty Blonde Hair (Mullet... oh yeah!), Goaty beard, Tatoo of a Dagger on his upper-left arm.

Specialist Skills/Knowledge: Hunting/Tracking, Martial Arts training: Tu'kandan and Masanijistu (eh... heh, heh... Just some Martial Art titles I made up)

Magic: -Manipulation of Nature (Teleknesis), but still currently under
-Bolts of Zeus (ablilty to shoot thunder bolts from the users hands)

Bio: Tylon Sayge grew up in the kingdom of Valkyrie, but had eventually made residence to Maria. During his childhood, his parents were murdered by a mysterious stranger (possibly an assassin). He was to be trained as a Marian Shadow Knight (Ninja), Martial Artists and specialists of Teleknesis, regardless of his species. But then he reconsidered his career, and became a Bounty Hunter in a Rookiee Status. His one goal in life is to avenge the death of his parents and kill the man whom was responcible.

Personalty: Witty and a complete scoundrel. Though he is kind and nice to get along with.

-- Yeah, I kinda watch that show Naruto way too many times...

09-09-2007, 02:41 PM
Starmark, please tell me that Arothrif is a port city. Also for Maria's gunpowder technology...I think it best we have nothing more advanced than matchlock weapons and cannons. Like mid to late 1600's- early 1700's era weapons I suppose.

09-09-2007, 03:55 PM
I was thinking early tech Gunpowder weapons so what's been posted is about right.

And to answer your first question i did a Starmark style rough map to show where all the lands are Here. (http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a353/starmark2k/Mythworld2.jpg) And it show that Arothrift is on the coast and a port city.
If you think i should add something let me know.

Edit- I just noticed that CountVerilucus has 6 specilist skills/Knowledge and the Limit is 3. Also can Phantom Knight and The Padawan explain why they are on the Quest as it's not as obvious as why others would be.

09-09-2007, 03:57 PM
Great job man ... nice map :D

Edit: well ehh... Fight against the bad guys ofcourse.

09-10-2007, 12:14 AM
Fixed, forgot you could only have 3. I just gave him 2 magic abilities instead. Is there going to be voyage by water during a portion of the quest? I'd like to utilize the Lucky Star.

09-10-2007, 05:04 AM
You mean why is my character on a quest to kill some guy who killed his parents? Err, Tylon doesn't know who killed them, but I was kinda thinking that guy could catch up with him during the mission. You know, kinda like a side-quest. Is that a good enough explanation?

09-11-2007, 05:08 PM
@ CountVerilucus- It’s unlikely we’ll be needing your ship as most of the journey will be done on horse back, but we will be going down a Large river on a Wood elf boat later.

@ The Padawan & Phantom Knight- I mean why have your characters been put on the search for the Angel’s Heart? As neither of you have any real affiliation with one of the Seven Kingdoms you need to explain how they ended up in this ‘Fellowship’. For Example The Padawan’s character may have found out about the Quest and demanded to the Kavrar king to be added, while Phantom Knight’s Character may have been assigned by the Maria king to watch CountVerilucus.

@ ALL- Ok there is a slight balance issue so I’m going to allow the creation of second characters to counter it. We need at least one from the Dwarves Kingdom and one from Shasatowa but a couple would be nice, We could also use another from the Amazons, Oasisan Tribes and Valkyrie.

To make the Dwarves more enticing for your second characters I’m going to add something to them. They are also famed for Taming and riding the Hamill Dragons. (http://images.wikia.com/starwars/images/4/49/Boga.jpg) They are 4 foot high and 7 foot long, they can breath fire and 1 in every 200 are born with wings that allow them to fly.

09-11-2007, 05:35 PM
@ The Padawan & Phantom Knight- I mean why have your characters been put on the search for the Angel’s Heart? As neither of you have any real affiliation with one of the Seven Kingdoms you need to explain how they ended up in this ‘Fellowship’. For Example The Padawan’s character may have found out about the Quest and demanded to the Kavrar king to be added, while Phantom Knight’s Character may have been assigned by the Maria king to watch CountVerilucus.

The council of Mireir will send me to help our allies (Kavrar) to help them found the "Angel's heart".

09-11-2007, 09:37 PM
Name: Vaeyrlillandwen 'Vae' Lissëartuilë
Kingdom: Shasatowa
Sex: Female
Age: 55
Class: Rogue/Spy

Appearance: (http://img516.imageshack.us/img516/2049/renobake01sg8.jpg) Tall and slender, with long raven black hair and golden hazel eyes. Wears a long dress with a laced front and slitted from the hip down for easy movement, along with thigh high laced up boots.

Weapons/Equipment: Longsword and daggers/Lockpicks, caltrops and other useful implements all stored in a small rucksack.

Specialist Skills/Knowledge:
Stealth: Vae is rather adept at sneaking around, as is befitting her class.
Natural Medicine: Knowledgable in the creation of brews, salves and poultices from the elements of nature.
Animancery: Thanks to her deep connection with nature, Vae is able to take the form of animals for a limited amount of time. She prefers to transform into a coyote or a small twin-tailed falcon. It is possible for her to take other animal forms, but it requires an intense amount of concentration and the consquences of a botched transformation are quite dire, so she does not try it as a rule.

Bio: The Shasatowa elves are an adventurous sort, and Vaeyrlillandwen Lissëartuilë, 'Vae' to her friends, is no exception. Being quite young by elf standards, she is often found exploring lands, trying to experience the world at large as much as possible. This plucky nature has gotten her into trouble more than a few times, but she is very resourceful and usually able to extract herself from heated situations. She cares little for the convoluted politics of the rest of the world, preferring to leave that unpleasantry to Men and Dwarves.

Born to the Lissë clan, one of the more influential groups in the Shasatowa forest, she receives word from her father (who is serving a term as spokesperson for the elves) that a group is being gathered at Arothrif to track down something called the 'Angel's Heart'. Never one to turn down a good chance for adventure, Vae heads to the city.

09-11-2007, 11:44 PM
I wondering if I should raise my age, since Marians are elves and elves usually live longer.

09-12-2007, 03:45 AM
Err... my character doesn't know about the mission, nor has he even been given details yet. And he only came to Maria by choice and desire to live there. Satisfied?

09-12-2007, 07:21 AM
Err... my character doesn't know about the mission, nor has he even been given details yet. And he only came to Maria by choice and desire to live there.

So You're character has no reason or inclination to join the Quest despite the fact that this is the whole point to the RP and infact the first post say 'You play a member of the group made of people from each of the seven kingdoms to travel into the Dark lands and find the Angel’s heart in order to free the world.'

@All- Ok so you all know the War of the Seven Kingdoms ended five years ago and the Dark lords rose 1 year after that.

My second Character

Name: Seban Whitevine
Kingdom: Dwarves
Sex: Male
Age: 42
Class: Dragon Rider

Appearance: Seban in Dragon Rider Armour (http://www.clantemplates.com/renders/gallery/data/media/44/Dwarf_Hammer_Color.jpg)

Weapons/Equipment: Dragon Rider Armour with Shield, Dwarven Hammer, small throwing spear
Specialist Skills/Knowledge:
Blacksmith- Seban is a trained Bracksmith like his father and can repair weapons and armour.
Dragons Lord- Years training with the Hamill dragons has made him an expert in riding them and fighting with them so now he leads all the Dragon Riders.
Dwarf Sight- Some dwarves have learnt to use magic to allow them to see in the dark.

The Thornvine family line are renowned for being the best Blacksmiths in all the Hamill Caves and even all the Seven Kingdoms. This path was laid before the young Sebam, one he did want for himself, He had the heart of warrior and he wished to fight in the war of the seven kingdoms.

At sixteen he ran away from home and chose to join the Dwarven Army, he spent his early years as a soldier training with the hammer and found himself quite good with it. He fought a few battles and proved himself time and time again and was soon given the chance to join the Ranks of the legendary Dragon Riders.

He began his training by having to have a Hamill Dragon choose him, when a dwarf enters the dragon’s cave they either come out with a dragon that chose the dwarf to be ridden by or their body is dragged out by the Dragons dead. Seban was fortunate enough to be picked by a dragon and he came out to begin his training properly. The Dragon that chose him would become his companion until a time came when one died, The Dragon was named Lighthammer by Seban.

He learnt to ride the mighty lizard and how to fight with one, using both the dragon and his own hammer. He began Fought the end of the War of The Seven Kingdoms valiantly and with his Lighthammer He soon became known as the greatest Dragon rider within it’s ranks.

At the Battle of Harrison, that became known as ‘The Last Battle of the Seven’, where all seven empires fought each other with the goal to capture the Harrison Temple, The Dragon Lord fell and in the aftermath Seban was honoured with the title ‘Whitevine the Dragon Lord’.

He thought as Leader of the Dragon Riders against the Dark Armies and was often successful in this task. This made him the perfect choice for the king to send to Arothrif and aid in the search for the Angel’s heart.

09-12-2007, 09:50 PM
we have somebody from each of the seven kingdoms I believe, so we should get started!

09-12-2007, 11:35 PM
<sigh> oh my god... how can I be anymore clearer?

OKAY! My character WILL JOIN the QUEST, as it was my INTENTION in the FIRST PLACE. How he is notified of the quest, is up to you.

Are we clear? If not, just play along with it.

09-13-2007, 01:56 AM
Phantom Knight, relax. Starmark is not asking if your character knows about the quest for the Angel's Heart. That hardly matters at this point. At this point, what matters is that each person joining the quest has a reason for doing so. Most of them are representatives of their respective nations (example: Kiara is the Amazon representative on the quest).

So what starmark is asking is what sort of attachment/reason will your character have for joining a quest to find the Angel's Heart? In other words, upon learning what we are trying to find, what's going to keep your character from thinking, "Oh, hell no! I'm not risking my life by entering the most evil place known to man to find something we've only heard about in legend and therefore probably doesn't exist."

Use a little creativity; don't demand that others be creative for you.

09-13-2007, 05:20 AM
Oh, I get it now. Sorry, I didn't mean to get a little frustrated. Its just that I'm a bit dim-witted.

Okay, I suppose that Ninja clan-thingy my character was training with could find him and give him the quest details.

There, everyone is happy :)

09-13-2007, 01:04 PM
Ok I’ve begun the RP Here!!! ( http://lucasforums.com/showthread.php?p=2369600#post2369600)

You still have time to create new characters if you want to until the characters all leave Arothrif.

Also can every ones character please be in the Banquet hall in the palace by the end of there first post, here allour characters will meet and be given more details on the Quest for the Angel’s Heart.

09-14-2007, 10:43 AM
Hm, I need something to join to get back into the swing of things on LF. (And trust me starmark, there will be no uberstupidity on my part. Though my character's kind of strange.)

Name: Sib Chike
Kingdom: Oasisan Tribes
Sex: Male
Age: 30
Class: Acolyte; Former Gladiator

Appearance: 6’8” tall, ash gray skin with flecks of tan, long narrow ears, and glittering amber eyes, lithe and svelte but well muscled and toned. Wears no shirt most of the time, but will wear a simple frock on occasions where decency matters. Wears baggy, loose fit silk pants that have runic symbols inscribed down the sides, and around the ankles of the pantlegs. He lacks any form of footwear, preffering, even on civil occasion, the freedom granted being barefoot. He has no hair, is covered with scars, and has tattoos on his shoulders, head, and neck. He is missing his right hand and has a metal cuff that covers where he used to have a hand, wearing a thick metal gauntlet over the other hand; usually he has his flail attached to this cuff. On civil occasions he wears a cuff that is more ornate, with a small hook.

Massive Flail attached to his right metal cuff
Large Metal Claws (http://www.warriorquest.com/torashuko.jpg) that attach to his left gauntlet

Specialist Skills/Knowledge:
Silent Stalking/Instill Fear - He is unnaturally capable of stalking someone out of sight, but not out of mind, this in turn instills fear.
Knowledge: Weakness – His untold years of carnage and battle in both arena and field, and the variety of opponents he’s faced has given him knowledge of the weakness of others.

Unnerving Gaze - He can instill fear and drop the morale of all those within sight of his eyes, and a secondary effect causes visions of dead loved ones or mortal enemies to appear in the minds of others who are subject to being held in his gaze for a prolonged time, this causes temporary dementia. This ability was granted to him when he paid respects at a small shrine to the minor deity Charon, Pluto’s ferryman.
Carnage - This deadly ability, granted to him by the god Set, allows for him to gain a little strength for every bit of blood he spills, and whenever blood gets on him in particular, he becomes more feral, making him very…unreasonable. This ability only lasts a minute, and after that minute all effects wear off, and it leaves the caster drained of energy.

Bio: Sib’s parents were both partial blooded Oasisans, his father having some dwarven blood in him, his mother being half elf, because of this it caused him to be born with unclean blood. Born an ill omen to his small nomadic tribe, he was born with long pointed ears, like an elf, this was from his mother. His eyes were a glistening amber, like a mix of Dwarf and Oasisan, this was from his father, but this was not what set him apart in his tribe, it was his skin, dark and grey, with only some tan flecks to show his Oasisan heritage. This omen , his skin, was a sign of carnage…destruction.
Growing up was a great pain, for his parents had both died by the time he was at least seven, his mother died giving birth to him, his father died in the war. On top of this he was constantly blamed for the war, as if his skin, the omen, had brought it about, being young and naïve, he believed them. He was an outcast, even to his older brother and sister who showed him contempt, blaming him for their parents’ deaths. They were fortunate enough to be adopted, he was like the village dog, raised by everyone and no one. He never realized what a good life he had until his village was attacked by Shasatowa renegades, desperate for supplies and money, desperate enough to take prisoners, and sell them to a ”legal” slave caravan. This attack created a deep seated contempt for Wood Elves within him.
He was sold off to the arena in a major city of the Oasisan people; there he went through years of tormentful training, and eventually combat. After a couple years he had grown in fame, and traveled to other arena’s in other nations, until he was finally recalled back to the southern desert where he was put into battlefield combat. Before this he had grown hateful of his life as a gladiator, and attempted to escape, and stole the arena keys, but was caught, and for punishment, his right hands was cut off; but in time they reequipped him with the cuff and gauntlet he has today, and the weapons attached to them. His time in the war was around the end of it, but it was more than enough combat for one person to be in, let alone someone who kept surviving through every battle.
The years after the war he spent as a free man, roaming until he found a temple dedicated to Set in the Great Desert. Here he stayed, and rested, and meditated, until requested by the Oasisan High Priest-King ( or whoever dominates the Oasisan people) to travel to Arothrif. (Since steven’s character was asked to go by the goddess Isis, and not formally by any ruler. At least I think that’s what happened with steven’s character…right?)

Personality: Though he seems like he'd be a kind of stand-offish kind of guy, he's actually very personable, he can takes jokes, and he knows foreign etiquette. The only thing is, is he's shy, not being used to much verbal contact.

If this character’s too….you know, meh-ish, starmark, then I’ll change him. :D

Edit: Did what you said starmark2k, and gave him a hand. Got rid of his boots.

09-14-2007, 04:17 PM
@ Master_Archon- Your characters fine only I don’t get why you want your character to have both his hands missing. I can’t see how you intend for him to function properly. I’d prefer you to give him at least one hand but I won’t force the issue if you really want both his hands not to be there

@ALL- Ok I’ve done more to the map Here (http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a353/starmark2k/Mythworld3.jpg)
And I’ve done one showing the Journey path Here (http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a353/starmark2k/Mythworldpath.jpg)

And this is the legend all our characters would have heard and explains why they believe the Angel’s heart will save the World…

Legend of the Dark Lords

Over millennia ago before the Seven Kingdoms went to War with each other they were all allied in peace and friendship. They built a temple in the middle of all the lands in which representatives could meet and discuss how the seven lands could progress united, for a long time each culture sent their wisest to the Great Temple of Harrison.

This went well until those who would become the last representatives all had the same dream on the same night. Vanessa the Valkyrie, Atsban the Dwarf, Absaterii the Wood Elf, Phasmir the Kavari, Jessa the Amazon, Kedset the Oasisan and Selt The Island Elf discussed the meaning of this shared dream. They came to the conclusion that they had to travel far to the east, to a temple beyond the seven empires that each saw in the Vision.

They Journeyed for several days until they came across the Temple, The Temple of Eternal Twilight, unknowing how it got there the seven went inside to investigate it. Exploring all the rooms they found an artefact glistening in the dark, Kedset a Priest sensed great Power from it and warned them.

The Items power although not dark begun to corrupt Vanessa, Atsban, Absaterii and Phasmir. Each began to crave the power within the Item; they named the Angel’s Heart, and they used it to grant them with this power. The corruption made them evil and they began to plot how they would take control of all the Kingdoms and rule the Lands, but they knew they would not be powerful enough to go against the Kingdoms and decided to wait while there power grew.

The three who were not corrupted by the power knew they could use the item that corrupted the others to destroy them, but it failed. Kedset and Jessa died by the hands of the dark lords, Selt survived and took the Angel’s heart from the temple so the Dark Lords could not use it to become more powerful.

Selt broke the angel’s heart into two and hid one part in the Hades canyon and the other in the Oasis of Ra knowing the Dark lords would not find them there. He died after telling is tale to those who would listen, warning them that the Dark Lords will grow in Power and attack the World.

Note: Although I refer to her as a Dark Lord, Vampox is Female.

09-19-2007, 02:46 AM
As much as it pains me to be a bearer of bad news, I am afraid I will be on a holiday. Meaning, I might not post for about a week or two. Just thought I'd let you know.

09-19-2007, 02:14 PM
K all this weekend we'll actually get to our first bitof action and engage in a fight with some Minataurs.

So you know that's the first of around 6 battles that all our characters will be involved in. We'll be against a differant kind of badguy each time, so get ready for the fun!