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09-10-2007, 12:32 AM
This isn't a complicated mod or one that's extremely hard to create, but I felt that a good portion of this needed to be done. This mod adds a good nine new sabers, seven of which are available to the player in MP and SP. These new blades have special features, from length to what Force Powers you can use while wielding the blade. A good example is the Blade of Might, which does 250% damage, is longer and wider... and disallows almost all Force use and some acrobatics. (Hey, it's a huge freaking blade - who says you can downstab that thing?) Some more subtle differences, like bonuses and penalties for saber locks and breaking parries are also in heavy use.

Why did I do this, you may ask?

The game is too boring, in my opinion. No variety, except the boss fights. All the enemies use the same saber: A reborn hilt, which is shorter and weaker. The AI is bad enough as it is; no need to cripple them with bad sabers! Not to mention, the player gets little choice either. One single saber is the same as the next; it just looks different. I wanted specialties available, to keep variety in the game.

Once the sabers were added, of course, I had to add in some NPCs to use them. I have two versions. One adds separate NPCs that use new sabers, and the other replaces the normal ones in-game. I focused on the Reborn, which are supposed to be harder than they are IMO, being veterans and all. Red and Blue reborn use different sabers (except for the Staff reborn, which both use my dual_x saber). I've also modded their stats a little so they're a bit more... scary than they were before. Let me elaborate: "npc spawn reborn". That NPC is something I can kill 10 of at once at Jedi difficulty. The new one? Well, I've lost to it.

Anyway, I've yakked at you long enough. Here's a link to the Massassi file:


I think you'll enjoy this mod; I certainly do. :)

09-12-2007, 02:32 PM
Just d/led it. I'll give it a play and get back to you. I am mainly interested in making the reborn harder and wanted to see what you did.

09-13-2007, 11:23 AM
Thanks. In my experience, the red rebornx guys are tougher. :)