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09-15-2007, 09:32 PM
Three hundred years have passed since colonists from Earth settled on Alpha Centauri IV. Since that time, the colony has thrived under the watchful eye of the Stark Corporation and the governing body known as the Terran Union, with its cities rivalling those on Luna, the moon of Earth, now known as Terra. However, rumours are spreading that Henry Stark, head of the Stark Corporation, is not all he claims to be...

Ok, some further background on this: It's in our own universe, set somewhere around 2463, in which humanity has terraformed the entire solar system, with the exception of the gas giants, and colonised them. To compensate for the long time it takes to travel, even at the speed of light, humans made use of an ancient alien technology they call the Bending Gates, which bend the space-time continuum to allow for near-instantaneous travel between two such gates. Scientists later combined this technology with humanity's own lightspeed propulsion to travel somewhat faster than light. Prior to this, humans sent cyrogenically frozen workers in Sleeper Pods wth the material to build a single Bending Gate, to send terraformers and colonists to each planet. For characters, you may come up with anything for homeworld, though following terraformation, Mercury has been made into a prison world, where convicts are sent to serve their sentence, so I doubt anyone would be born there. You can otherwise come up with anything for species and homeworld. You may also . Here is the design for character sheets:

Name: James Dalton
Homeworld: Mars
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 2435 (Age 28)
Occupation: Professional Gambler
This (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/e/ef/Tim_TLD007.jpg), but looking thirteen years younger.
Bio: Hailing from Mars, James Dalton is suave, sophisticated, like the fictional James Bond of the mid-twentieth century to mid-twenty-first century, but his skill at the casinos in New Chicago, capital of Alpha Centauri IV, have caught the interest of Henry Stark, an interest which could be very dangerous.

Name: Henry Stark
Homeworld: Terra
Species: Human
Gender: Male
date of Birth: 2418 (Age 45)
Occupation: Corporate Tycoon
Appearance: "I've got a fever, and the only perscription..." (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/0/00/Christopherwalken007.jpg/250px-)
Bio: The current CEO of the Stark Corporation, Henry Stark is the de facto owner of Alpha Centauri IV, primarily due to his company's heavy contribution in terraforming the planet centuries before. Some fear, however, that his influence makes him more powerful than Terran Union Representatives on the planet.

I felt it only appropriate to use a picture of Timothy Dalton as James Bond to show what James Dalton looks like because I combined the two names for the character, plus I consider him probably the best James Bond.

09-16-2007, 07:00 AM
Name: Claude
Homeworld: New Karelia
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 2436 (Age 37)
Occupation: Special Ops
Appearance:Click here to view picture (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v308/0solidus0/Naked_Snake.jpg)
Bio: Claude is the sole survivor of the New Karelia incident where a group of Anti-alien terrorists used the colony's satellite mining lasers to tear the planet apart so they could destroy the first hybrid child between a human and alien species called the Ossium (O-see-um) when Claude was sixteen. Claude was able to escape because his father had placed in a one man escape pod located in the TUS (Terran Union Ship) Montana, which had been stationed in the colony after receiving damage after a Pirate Ambush. The escape pod was launched at the same moment the planet began to implode and went was threw into deep space by the planets explosion.

His pod was later discovered by a famous special ops expert, the Boss who taking time off her work to do a bit of nebula sight seeing. After discovering the child, she adopted him and trained him to be her protege(sp). The two spent 16 years together training and completing missions where the two struck a mother/son relationship, which within time advanced to lovers, which then moved back to mother/son. However, one year ago, the Boss was assigned to a new section of the Galaxy and had requested that Claude not be placed with her. Claude is only now being assigned to his first mission without the boss.

09-18-2007, 08:44 PM
Name: Yery Golightly
Homeworld: Terra
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: 2433 (Age 30)
Occupation: Chancist

Knowing the term "psychic" to be completely bogus and blase, Yery Vasilievna Golightly, nicknamed for the ancient Terran novel-gamine "Holly", is a professional Chancist, or an advisor to professional gamblers (but never the House). She is the very best at her craft--predicting the odds and then beating them. However, there are two things Yery never counted on: her passionate interest in gambler James Dalton, or her hidden yet intense fear of corporate mogul Henry Stark.

With a true Chancist on his side, what's to stop Stark from taking over every planet?

Yery hates corporations and the power they hold, but will SHE hold up against them?

Name: U-505
Homeworld: Terra
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 85
Occupation: Accountant/Personal Assistant/Bodyguard
Appearance: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/7/75/GloriaStuartTitanic.jpg

Known only by an employee initial and number, U-505 is cunning and ruthless as Henry Stark's bodyguard and right-hand-woman. She will protect her boss at any cost, including her own life. Perhaps she is the only person that Henry Stark truly trusts and relies on, and certainly truly fears. After all, U was the one that shot her younger and traitorous protegee, Glenn, when she found out Glenn wanted to take over Stark's business operations. Having been a military-trained interrogator, keeping books and arranging Stark's hectic schedule aren't the only things that U knows how to do...

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Since we've got three people, we might as well start now.

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Is this kind of like Starship Troopers with the transport and all that stuff?

09-21-2007, 01:09 PM
In a way, but the antagonist is not insectoid aliens, but a corrupt corporate tycoon, who controls a heavily influential terraforming company.

09-21-2007, 06:23 PM
Seeing as how you've only just begun, d'ye mind if I join in? Got two characters in mind.

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Sure, you can still join. In fact, anyone will be able to join at any time.

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Name: Jonathan Martin

Homeworld: To quote the man himself, “Oh, nowhere... just a little moon on the outer reaches of the galaxy nobody’s ever heard of...”

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: 2422 (Age 41)

Occupation: Thief

Appearance: Image: Jon Martin (http://heroeswiki.com/images/b/b3/Claude.jpg)

Bio: If ever there was a name to be associated with successful thievery, it would have been ‘Jon Martin’... would have been until six years ago, that is. Jonathan Martin was the thief nobody could catch. But when he took a tip from a man in the same line of work, it all unraveled. Due to an anonymous tip, Jon Martin was finally caught and sent to prison for his crimes. The sentence was to be twelve years.

Jon spent six years on Mercury. Then came the surprise order for his release. It came through proper channels and vaguely hinted it was ordered by a government intelligence agency... and everyone knew how useless it was to attempt getting information from one of those. So Jon Martin was released from Mercury. On a public transport away from the prison planet, he discovered the real reason behind his release, a woman who identified herself as Maria Carter.


Name: Maria Carter

Homeworld: Terra

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: 2436 (Age 27)

Occupation: Hacker

Appearance: Image: Maria Carter (http://www.22dakika.org/imaj/starborn/hana.jpg)

Bio: Maria Carter is a high-level employee of an underground hacker community known as the Organization, which spans the entire galaxy. The Organization is an information gatherer and employs literally millions of hackers galaxy-wide. Many of these hackers are assigned to specific subject groups; a select few are assigned to monitor specific individuals.

The downfall and imprisonment of Jonathan Martin was the direct result of Maria’s work. Using high-tech disguises, she met with him and informed him of a so-called ‘easy grab’. It was her first assignment with the Organization, as part of a larger experiment, an attempt to see how prison affected people in various fields of employment. Though Maria’s supervisors were impressed with her work, they felt she did too good a job, getting the man imprisoned for twelve years. Regardless, they said nothing and turned Maria to other work.

For six years, Maria allowed herself to forget Jon Martin. She was rewarded for her skill and quick thinking on various assignments, many of which were highly difficult information grabs from top-of-the-line secured computer systems. For many of her jobs, she was rewarded with continual promotions and increased salary. Then, in what seemed like a step backward in the chain, her one direct supervisor assigned her to get Jon Martin released from prison. At first, Maria was hurt that her superiors would assign her to such a lowly task, but gradually she began to realize there was more to it than it seemed.

Due to his thieving, Jon Martin had access to a lot of information the Organization could not reach. This included all information that had not been converted to any electronic equivalent and, because he possessed a photographic memory, the thief never forgot a word he ever heard. For these reasons, the Organization considers Jon Martin a nearly invaluable asset. Maria Carter’s assignment was not just to release the man from jail, but to gain his trust and obtain his knowledge.


The thief and the hacker have traveled together for six months now. Because of his time in prison, Jon has been reluctant to return to his thieving, but Maria continually urges him to pick it up again. He is slowly beginning to get back into the swing of things... and having an attractive, quick-thinking hacker to help you out is always comforting... even if you suspect she may have alternative intentions.

09-22-2007, 12:18 PM
Designation: Unit 286

Place of Creation: Jupiter Research Satellite 112

Species: Robot

Programmed Gender: Male

Date of Creation: 2453 (Age 10)

Occupation: Professional Freelancer

Appearance: (Exclude the weapons in the images)

Bio: Unit 286 is the product of experiment One-Zero-Niner, which was conducted on Jupiter Research Satellite 112. In an attempt to create newer forms enforcement due to rising criminal levels, the Terran Union commissioned project DESINO DEDECUS to create a series of robots to that would be able to lower the levels of crime. The robots would accomplish this mainly by capturing or, if necessary, killing all those charged with acts of criminal injustice.

The models before 286 were mainly designed like regular law enforcement. They sported a MAP (Magnetically Accelerated Pistol) and light armor, but this was not enough. The first test runs revealed that the models were under-powered and lacked the flexibility needed to catch intelligent criminals. So upgrades were made. Instead of having slitted visual receptors, they made a visor-like receptor that saw much more than earlier models. They also changed the physique of of the models to more closely resemble that of an armored human, which included the hands as well. The Artificial Intelligence was improved to allow more choices.

The next model, Unit 285, failed. Another examination revealed that though they had made 285 better with many enhancements, it's intelligence was it's ultimate downfall. Since humans based their actions on their emotions, it was impossible for the machine to predict what a humans next move might be, or what they would be willing to do. Without that knowledge, they could not effectively chase criminals. Other factors included the inability to learn and be creative, so the researchers on Satellite 112 revised their work, and worked on the 'humanity' chip, which would allow for all those things. They succeeded too well.

Upon activation, 286 panicked and ultimately destroyed Satellite 112, escaping without a trace. Afterwards, rumors escalated around the Sol and Alpha Centauri systems about some rampant robotic Freelancer created by the Terran Union, which sparked some outrage in anti-anything-not-human groups, but after a few months they released a statement saying otherwise, since no one had managed to get even a snippet of 286. DESINO DEDECUS was canceled, and all records were were purged of there ever being a project.

286 stands at "6'6 ft and is armed with a Prototype MAPR (Magnetically Accelerated Plasma Rifle), a MAP, and a AVL (Anti-Vehicular Laser). His vision modes include thermal imaging, night-vision, electromagnetic imaging, and normal vision. He can run in bursts up to 45 mph, with a normal running limit of 25 mph. He can lift up objects of up to three time his body weight, which is two metric-tons, and has armor made of durasteel titanium. Programming is also not beyond him, since he is a learning robot, but due to his large fingers is not very good at it.

Ever since the incident with 112, 286 has undergone some serious mental changes. He cannot refer to himself in first-person due to a deficiency in his linguistic matrix, and can often be sarcastic or rude when annoyed. It is not beyond him to ask for help, but when offered he can be stubborn, and is often pushing his mechanical limits. He has modified his voice output many times in an attempt to find the most 'preferable' one, but he has not quite come up with the right one. He 'likes' literature and all forms of art, often being found at archives and such when he's not working. He also is very curious about everything, so he often asks questions.

09-22-2007, 03:16 PM
Name: Jennifer Cleo

Homeworld: Europa, moon of Jupiter (if this is fine)

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: 2437 (Age 26)

Occupation: Bounty Hunter

Appearance: Heeeerrrreeee'ssss Jenny (http://mercs2.com/images/merc2b.jpg)

Bio: With her mother dying in child birth and never knowing her father she was made a ward of the state that controlled the Europa. She had a hard childhood and at an early age learnt she had to fight to survive, she taught herself to fight and became no ones victim.

In her early teens she ended up hanging around with criminal elements working with low level mob enforcers and learning from them as she went. She trained in more unarmed fighting techniques and learnt to use firearm, and she was good. So good infact the mob higher ups began to use her for more higher profile jobs from collecting bribes to assassinations, but her favourite was bounty hunting.

She took her skills and her love for hunting humans and went freelance travelling the system collecting bounties for whoever would pay be it criminal groups, the government or corporations.

09-22-2007, 03:33 PM
(looks at Writers character, woohoo, Heroes characters.)

Name: Null
Homeworld: Taun
Species: Tau
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 1463 (Aged 1000)
Occupation: Mercenary Commander
Appearance:"Feel the burn..." (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/e/ef/The_Fury2snakeeater.jpg)
Null the youngest commander of the ancient Tau mercenary race. He learned all the tools of the trade from his father, Odéen, and inherited the Tauians under he command when he betrayed the Tau race and was killed by his own son, Null. Due to tradition, Null is equipped with his own Commander outfit (see picture) and weaponry, while his soldiers are equipped with traditional Tau gear (http://images.wikia.com/metalgear/images/f/f6/Genome_Soldiers.jpg) and weapons. Null, and his men, are currently under contract with Henry Stark

I hope this is alright, if not, just say so.

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Sure, though I don't know why my character would have anything to do with them right now. He's currently just a gambler.

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Opps, wrong name. Fixed.

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Mind if I join Alkonium?

Name: Cody Parsley

Homeworld: Luna

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: 2431 (Age 32)

Occupation: Outlaw - Captain

Appearance: Enjoy (http://fc01.deviantart.com/fs17/f/2007/225/3/3/Albert_Wesker_from_RE_UC_by_icedragon0729.png)

Bio: Born to a space faring man, and a mother who eventually would die when Cody was only four, Cody grew up being taken on 'joy rides' into space, and was very learned in that area. But one day at only ten years of age the boy's father wouldn't take him up, Cody protested, not understanding why, but his father wouldn't hear it. Cody watched his dad go up in his ship, and in a horrific flash of fire and metal his father left his life in less than two seconds. The investigation always stated it was extremists who sabotaged his father's ship, but he, even as a young boy, never believed this, and to this day he seeks the real culprit behind his father's demise.

A year later Cody found himself in foster care, and eventually a boarding school for the gifted. See, Cody was born a genius of sorts, no, he wasn't some extraintelligent person, that's just superficial. He was a genius of skill, he understood things, he pieced things together, thus the reason for him running away from the boarding school at twelve and, even though he had developed a fear for space due to his father's death, was able to figure out how to get offplanet easily. Almost at that same exact time, once he arrived on Mars that is, he met Murphy, who would become his life long partner and friend.

At the measly age of sixteen he went back to school, not the boarding school, but a university, with Murphy's help he was able to pass all the red tape that would have been involved for such a young person to join a university. He entered Terra Galactic University, studying in the fields of genetics. His excellent skill in this area was observed by the military, eventually recieving grants, and then after graduation at only eighteen, a job with them working with genetic alteration. Over a span of two years he worked in a wide range of places, anywhere from a small cloning facility, to a major genetic enhancment lab.

One day at the age of sixteen he heard of a new line of highly saught Synthesis-Type droids being made by the Stark Corporation, he thought better of it, but wanting to see one in action (being young and ignorant) he decided to get one, pulling a few strings with his military funders he got the 202nd one off the assembly, but it was only the 2nd Synthesis-Type made so far from the 'Y' model droids. He named it Jesse, and immediatly activated it, not knowing what a Synthesis-Type was, which, in layman's terms, is a android or gynoid that mimics human life and personality during those stages of life, aging like humans, and even growing and changing emotionally as they grow. So, at a young age, Cody got to learn the joys of parenting, with Murphy's help of course.

Eventually he retired from the genetics field of work at 26, becoming a trader, he traveled often, eventually jobs ran dry in that field, and by 28 he had a bounty on his head for illegal temporary gene tonics that he personally developed, eventually leading into his slight mental instability because of the constant gene altering he did on himself. In time he was able to make a permanent tonic, that aided in stabilising his genes a bit, and subside much of his major mental instability, but the side effect was...a bit odd.

At 32 he is now an Outlaw, somone who takes oddball jobs, anything from package delivery, to bounty hunting, and lives by their own rules, but hold to stronger ethics and values than most pirates or mercenaries do. He's also obtained a much larger bounty, for more reasons than just illegal gene tonics too.

Name: Ingshquiy Marruunamadae - Lovingly dubbed 'Murphy'

Homeworld: Ambrosia

Species: Amphorian

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: 2375 (Age 88)

Occupation: Outlaw - Firstmate

Appearance: Alien (http://demacros.deviantart.com/art/Alien-29209395); Wears Light Supermesh armor

Bio: Murphy was born on Ambrosia, an alien terraformed asteroid that produces the most saught after liquid in the galaxy, Insha Nectar. But much of his previous life before meeting Cody is only known to himself. But what is known is that his family, whom he moved to Io with, were killed by anti-alien extremists. After that he wandered the solar system, slowly getting closer to Terra, until he met Cody on Mars. He grew a close bond with the orphaned boy, and helped him get into a university, then after that, out of many sticky situations. He's looked up to by Jesse as a father, whom views Cody more as an annoying older sibling.

Murphy is amazingly skilled in both space faring, and military-like combat, how he became so good is almost unknown to his fellow crewmembers and friends. He's quiet and reclusive, often staying out of arguements, and most conversations, insighting small bits of age obtained wisdom here and there when he finds it necessary. But by far he is the most loveable person most people ever meet, once they get to know him.

Model: Y-202 - Named 'Jesse'

Grade: Civilian - Produced by Stark Corporations

Type: Synthesis

Class: Gynoid

Date of Production: 2447 (Age 16)

Occupation: Outlaw - Gunner/Navigator

Appearance: Bot (http://liquidmark.deviantart.com/art/Gynoid-walpaper-sharpened-25968675); Has metal fibers synthesising hair, tied into ponytail

Bio: Ten years before the 'humanity' chip was ever created, the 'Y' Model droids began being concieved and produced. The corporation that were developing the 'Y' Models was not, however Stark Corporations, but after two years of development, they almost gave up, lacking funding, but before they shut the program down, Stark Corporations bought the small corporation, and finding the potential in the 'Y' Models, they poured massive funding into the program. And within two years 199 'Y' Models had been produced, all sold, making great profit.

At this point they had finally developed the perfect AI chip for the Synthesis-Types of the 'Y' Model, having more than enough money to surpass the limits of previous AI and emotion and synthesis chips of the past, they used them in their Synthesis-Types. But it became so expensive that only a hundred of the five hundred 'Y' Model droids were Synthesis types, being more rare the the 'Y' Models themselves, which were very rare, because as stated, only five hundred were produced before they stopped and moved on to developing the 'Z' Models (still in development).

Almost after her production, Jesse was "purchased" and activated by Cody. She grew up around the only two she would ever call family, a reclusive alien, and a fruitcake genius of a human. At six she found a new 'human-like' chip, and after begging Cody, who used old military and even corporate ties to obtain the new, rare, top-of-the-line, and most of all expensive chip. It was installed into her, but by accident the old one wasn't removed, the lack of removal of the older chip luckily prevented any major change in mentallity or personality, but it took time before she was able to finally converge the conflicting chips, and with this she ultimately became much more human-like, so-much-so, it's difficult to tell her personality and attitude apart from a regular teenage female, showing no traces of being a gynoid, except when it's called for that is. Only way anyone can tell is by her appearance as a gynoid, which really can't be fixed, and which Cody doesn't want fixed.

She's got the attitude of any sixteen year old teenage girl, know-it-all, moody, tantrums, 'don't care' demeanor, etc. The list goes on. She does, however, have the advantage of programming, and other gifts endowed to robotic beings.


Hope these three are okay Alkonium, if not, tell me what I need to change and I'll change it. :whtsmile: