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Master Nark
09-19-2007, 08:37 PM
I didn't find any rp's on here that intersted me enough so I'm creating one of my own. Please list a short bio on your character including name, species, gender, physical features, faction (Empire, Rebellion, neutral, etc.), planet of orgin, weapons, and profession. The basic rules of rp's apply so don't do anything stupid. Have fun!

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The Jedi are all but destroyed. So few of their numbers have survived in the Great Purge that most of them have gone into hiding. The newly proclaimed Galactic Empire, under the rule of the newly elected Emperor Palpatine, stretches across the galaxy, hunting down the Jedi and anyone else who stands in their way of conquering the galaxy.


(Come in whenever and wherever you want, it's fine with me.)

Name: Gandon Nark
Species: Human/Kiffar
Gender: Male
Physical Features: Gandon is relatively tall, around 6'2", he has a slightly dark complexion, short dark hair, hazel eyes, and the traditional Kiffar yellow line across his face, just below his eyes. He wears traditional dark green Corellian Jedi robes and dark brown boots.
Faction/Profession: Jedi
Planet of Orgin: Corellia (his father is Corellian while his mother is Kiffar.)
Weapon: One green bladed lightsaber.

Gandon stared at the dark corner of his room on board the small transport ship he was on. He longed to see the faces of his old mentors and friends again, but that was far from even imaginable at the moment. Gandon was on an espionage mission to gather information on the Empire. His destination was the "Vertical City" of Nar Shaddaa. He felt alone and tired, awaiting the captains call that they reached the landing dock.

Rogue Warrior
09-21-2007, 06:04 AM
Oh I have someone in mind, imagine the worst traits of Tony Montana and Frank Castle.

"The Jedi might say I have fallen to the Dark Side, and they are now one with the Force. Clearly I have not stepped into the darkness enough, because Palpatine has yet to join them."

Name: Alixe Medcraft
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Physical Features: http://i28.photobucket.com/albums/c202/millinniummany3k/Capture-09-20-00001copy.jpg
Faction/Profession: Former Naboo Commando, former Trade Federation soldier
Planet of Orgin: Deralia
Weapon: Disrupter rifle

Alixe Medcraft served with the Trade Federation until they captured Naboo's queen, Padme Amidala. When she heard about their plans to put her into slavery she defected, swearing loyalty against the droid army. Despite believing Amidala should have remained in power she respected her decision to step down and continued to serve until an attempt was made on Padme's life. Alixe's years of service was rewarded by her being sent to aid the Jedi in protecting her. In turn they had her serve with one of their Jedi Knights, Aayla Secura. Her sniper background was put to use in defending the senate and later Padme's retreat on Naboo. When the Clone Wars began however Alixe was taken away from the front lines, instead being sent to contain a perimeter and keep the war from spreading so she didn't learn of Palpatine's formation of the Empire until it was too late to act. Learning of everything that happened however sent her into a rage, determined to hunt down and kill as many loyal to the Emperor as she can, or die trying.