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Negative Sun
09-24-2007, 07:16 PM
(I can hear you think: "Jesus F. Christ does this guy not have a life?", Well the answer to that is: Nope ;) )

Here's a few to chew on:

* Since I'm still skint, I'll have to get more RAM for this oldtimer at some point, now my CPU is running at a FSB of 166Mhz or 333Mhz DDR...I'm looking at this (http://www.cclonline.com/product-info.asp?product_id=4978&category_id=107&manufacturer_id=0&tid=vs1gb400c3) stick of 1Gb and it says "Requirements - Mainboard with 400MHz FSB", now I know my board is capable of running a that speed, but it's not, so will that stick work at 400Mhz or 333Mhz? Or not at all?

* I'm still relentlessly looking around for good deals since I've got nothing better to do and I was getting confused looking at motherboards.
Can you install MicroATX boards in ATX cases? And if so: Does it have any advantages like better airflow or such?
And also: For high-end GPUs I've been told 30A or more on the 12V rail is recommended, but I've seen PSUs with multiple 12V rails (but none above 25A) being labeled as SLI or Xfire certified...Now I'm wondering, would those be able to handle high-end GPUs or are they poop? Am I just being retarded and can you add the Amperage of the different 12V rails together?
Anyhoo I think this one (http://www.ebuyer.com/customer/products/index.html?rb=0&action=c2hvd19wcm9kdWN0X292ZXJ2aWV3&product_uid=102994) is very sexy for a mere $40 and there are about 60 reviews with an average 4.5/5 rating so it can't be cr*p me thinks...

* What on earth is the difference between FSB and HT and which is better (if any)?

I'm sure I had more lolz, but have fun with these anyways ;)

09-25-2007, 07:03 AM
I dunno negsun... I'd leave your pc be for the moment. Once you get your finances sorted, you can plan a decent pc... prices have dropped dramatically, itd probably be cheaper than sourcing some of that older stuff !!

just build it slowly ! I got a great vista certified gigabyte mATX mainboard for $65 (thats less than 20 squid!) which is damn cheap. It takes 8GB ram and has a 6100 on board - nothing fabulous, but will keep ticking over until you can pop something better in its free pci-e 16x slot :)


Negative Sun
09-25-2007, 08:15 AM
That's what I'm planning Astro, but until I find a new job, this thing'll have to do, and until then I'll have way too much free time so I'll want to be able to play a couple of decent games at least on this old rig (Jade Empire and NWN2 for example)

I'm gonna get a decent case and PSU after that when the cash flows in again and then I'll get a new mobo and CPU and stuff...Though I don't see that happening anytime soon.