View Full Version : SWBF3 Online Security

10-01-2007, 06:19 PM
Currently SWBF2 uses a CD hash to track installations of the game. Some games use other GUID methods (IE: Battlefield 2142 uses PunkBuster).

I was curious as to what others thought about the online security of Battlefront 2 and whether anybody else thought it needed re-vamping. My perspective comes from playing mostly multi-player and I think a better method than a CD hash is needed. Maybe a registered GUID would work.. I think a game like Battlefield 2142 goes overboard though because you can't even play single-player until you register an online account and that's on top of PunkBuster for the game too. That's almost laughable if it wasn't as funny as the in-game billboards they tried swinging into the game.

From Lucas Arts' point of view.. they're only concerned with piracy. From a player's point of view... we have to deal with trouble-makers, gltichers, and peeps who exploit the flaws in the game. The admin capacity for game servers was increased when going from SWBF1 to SWBF2. You can definitely handle the trouble makers better.

I guess you could say I'm only looking for another increase in online security like they had first time around with the release of the sequel. You can ban cd keys now... so it's not terribly a problem with a trouble maker if you identify him. I just wish there was some restriction on using the same name as someone else. It drives me up a wall that you can have multiple names in the same server or multiple players using the same name at all. I think a registered GUID would solve that problem for playing online. People would have a registered name and it would be attached to your cd-key hash.