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Exile is it's name.

In words, it is not so frightening. Far under the Earth, there is a vast network of caverns, stretching for miiles and miles. It is it's use...a vast prison far under the Earth, for the dregs of society. The malcontents and the murderer, the rejects and the rapists, the drunks and destroyers...Exile is a society of the outcasts, the criminals, those who never could fit in.

It has been three hundred years since it recieved it's name and purpose, since the Great Portal was opened and they began flinging us into this cold dark place, the crime necessary for banishment becoming more and more trivial. But in this, they gave us the key to our freedom in a sense.

We did not do as they had planned. We did not crawl into the dark places to die out of sight of their tender sensibilities. We raged and we fought against our world, carving out our place within the caverns. Instead of death in Exile, we found greatness. Those who would have been wasted in the Overworld became great leaders of men in Exile.

Their policy of banishment has weakened them greatly, for they have cast down soldiers and mages, priests and scholars. And in time, we have created a civilization that rivaled the Empire. The Exiles stared towards the Empire, resolving to one day climb forth out of their pit and take the surface for themselves.

But the Empire stared back. The Archmage Gestahl, advisor to Emperor Hawthorne I, declared that Exile had become a great threat, and advised an invasion through a second Portal. So now, they come for us. But we will not stand and die. The cities of Exile will stand or fall, but we will not surrender ourselves to their mercy.

Never again will we bow.

Races of The World:


- Overworlders: Either Imperials or Exiles that were relatively recently cast into Exile. They have lesser dark vision and are more resilient to heat, but less resilient against cold. They also have no trouble seeing in daylight.

- Exiles: Exiles that were cast down years ago, some were even born in Exile. They have excellent darkvision, but have trouble seeing in particularly bright light. As Exile is so cold without the sun, the cold does not bother them as much.

Slithzerai: Reptilian People thought to be native to the Abyss, they have green or purple scaly skin with thick bones and large muscles and claws, with long, almost serpent-like faces and long tails. They tend to be large and muscular, averaging around eight feet and tend towards heavy muscle. The harsh nature of life in Exile means that they are rarely fat or otherwise unhealthy, as these die soon.. The Female is faster and considerably less ugly than the male, but the Male is stronger. Slithzerai commonly use spears, and most are warriors. Only a few are wizards or Priests, however, among the Females, there are a reasonable number of Priestesses. They inhabit the tunnels along with the Exiles, and are split into many dozen tribes. The Tribes act as a loose alliance, but they are quite different. Some are more peacable and are willing to trade with humans, some are neutral, and do not care about humans, and some are openly hostile, raiding human settlements and killing on sight. They have no central leader, save when the Tribes gather against a common threat and go to war. Humans commonly refer to them as Slith, or Lizards. The Slithzerai find neither particularly pleasing, but the reaction varies from one to another.

Magic: Use of Magic is determined by your willpower and the spells you know. It takes an incredible amount of raw magical force to create a spell, and as such, none of you will be able to create spells on the spot. However, the spells are relatively vague, like "Create Water" which does exactly what you'd think. It's a combination of incantation and imagination.

Arcane: Arcane Magic revolves around manipulating the elements, for example, creating a bolt of fire from your fingertips to leap to an enemy or creating a spear of ice to slay them. Again, it's a combination of incantation and imagination.

Divine: Divine Magic uses Prayers to the Gods of the World to grant your wishes. For example, the aptly named Divine Strike causes the winds themselves to crush your enemies into the dust, or healing with a touch.

Religions: The Religions of this world are many and varied, too many to count. However, there are three that are dominant.

- Temple of the Lady of Celestia: The people of this church worship an ancient woman who, according to the texts, walked the world many thousands of years, healing and teaching for many years, creating many great and magical places until she died and ascended to the Heavens. Her followers claim she is the wellspring of all magic.

- Chapel of Calthus: The Church of the Empire, and for many years the only legal church, the Chapel of Calthus worships the Emperors, in particular, Calthus I, the man who built the Empire. They are rarely worshipped in Exile, due to the villification of the Empire and all it has stood for.

- The Anama are a radical church, supposedly part of the clergy of Saliur. Although they are pious and devout, they are somewhat extremist, pushing for the banning of all Magic save that which was given by Anama himself. The Arcane Magics, which they decry to be of the domain of Celinar. The Anama Church is a high percentage of the population of the Isle of Bigail on the Surface, which was also once a hotbed of dissent against the Empire. There is a large Anama sect in Exile, as they lead a revolt against the Empire about thirty years back.
Exile: http://img266.imageshack.us/img266/7131/exilegf2.jpg

Fairly self-explanatory. The crossed spear and sword marks the front lines, the rest will be explained more in-depth if it comes up. Suffice to say that it's all fairly normal for a medieval fantasy setting with the exception of Patrick's Tower, The Tower Colony, and The Spire Fortress.

Player Slots: 1/10.

I'm aware it doesn't seem like much. I've got a lot of information, and putting all of it down at once would make this enormous. Suffice to say that the opening post will clear up more, and the rest is fairly simple.

Character Sheets:







I know, no history. There are a few reasons for this, but premier among them is that nobody else would know your character's history. I prefer handling this in the RP as opposed to out of character.

Name: Kadis Aerone

Age: 32

Gender: Male

Appearance: Kadis is a tall, well-built man with short, close-cut blond hair and light blue eyes. Aside from being slightly larger than average, he's not particularly noticable, neither particularly handsome or ugly. He usually wears nondescript clothes, usually a grey tunic and black pants, sometimes with a cloak over it.

Gear: Kadis wields a short, broad-bladed sword. His pack contains sufficent rations for two weeks of travel, provided he stretches them, a waterskin made out of lizard hide, two torches, a rope and grapnel, a flint and a tinderbox. On his belt, he carries a small pouch of silver coins.

Skills: Kadis is a reasonable fighter, particularly with his fists. He's fair with his sword and can hold his own in most fights. His real abilties are in his magical ability as a Priest, he is one of the more powerful Priests in Exile in terms of magical ability.

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I'd be interesting, it sounds very off-beat. Give me a minute just to get it all, though. :)