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Yes everyone it’s the first weekend of the month and you all know what that means… That’s right Starmark2k is starting up a new RP. (No need to get Excited, I know this is perhaps the best news you can here.)

‘So what will this RP be about’ I hear you ask. Is it Star Wars, another Sci Fi or fantasy, maybe I’m trying a resurrection again. Well if you guessed any of these you are wrong, as this RP is based on the Lucasarts/pandemic game Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction. (I know you probably worked this out by reading the title but hey I like to make my terrible, terrible jokes.)

So without further a do I present…

Mercenaries: Korean Assault

The Story

(Note: You do not have to have played Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction to join in it’s pretty easy to pick up and I’ll tell you what you need to know.)

The RP is based in modern times so weapons and vehicle tech is what we have now.

After General Song killed his father and took control of North Korea, the allied Nations discovered that they were selling Nuclear Weapons to terrorist organizations. With the Aid of South Korea the combined forces moved into the nation with the intent of toppling Songs Government and turned the whole area into a War Zone.

With The AN and SK moving in to a country at it’s border the Chinese also decided to send in troops in order to protects it’s own interests. Organised crime has not turned a blind eye to the situation either and the Russian Mathis has set up operations in the country including a black arms market.

With most of the North Korean leaders going into hiding the AN have set up bounties of the 52 leaders and printed them on decks of Cards. At the top of the deck is General Song as the Ace of Spades with a bounty worth $100000000.

You play a Mercenary working for Executive Operations (ExOps) a company that operates mercs and bounty hunters to governments and private conglomerates. ExOps have sent in a group of mercenaries in the hope that they can claim a Bounties especially the Ace of Spades.
__________________________________________________ _______
Rules- Rp forum rules are standard.
no 'super' Characters
no killing Pcs without permission
Minimal Char Control (it’s unrealistic to rp without it creeping in)
Thread master controls all 'plot sensitive' Npcs
7 day Absence rule- don’t post for seven days your character becomes a NPC until you return.
No one liners
__________________________________________________ _______
Notable NPCs

Fiona Taylor- The Australian accent at the end of your earpiece belongs to the technical officer Taylor. Very friendly and intelligent she’ll be able to relay you information, send AN Choppers for pick up and get the Mafia to drop you off some nice pieces of hardware to blow the hell out of people, vehicles and buildings.

Colonel Garrett- The man in charge of the AN invasion force hates the red tape and is more than happy to give you information on the ware bouts of the 52 if you help him take out the North Korean army.

Colonel Peng- China’s leader in North Korea commands his forces and will use a mercenary so he can keep China’s name out of the Press.

Sergei Voronov- The trigger happy Mafioso who just wants to make money and if that involves using a Mercenary to take down someone who’s in his way he’s willing to pay the price.

Special Agent Buford- the CIA agent who is ‘Advising’ the south Koreans in there efforts to Build a bridge between the north and the south knows that he needs the help of independent contractors to build it
__________________________________________________ _______
Character Sheet

Name: (John Doe, Jane doe, etc)
Nickname: (JD, Starbuck, etc)
Nationality: (Englsh, American, Mexican, French, etc.)
Sex: (Male or female)
Age: (18-55)
Languages: (English is standard, If you have more than two please use ‘multilingual’ as Specialist knowledge)

Appearance: (Pic or description)

Weapons/Equipment: (Weapons, tools and armour.)(Note. You’ll gain access to weapons during the course, this is for things always carried by the merc)
Specialist Skills/Knowledge: (Skill that your character has, Limit 3)

Bio: (History and personality)(What other Character would already know about yours. Part of the fun of these RPs is discovering the past)

Relationship requests: (the relationships you would like your character to have with others onboard. Love, Hate, Married, old army buddies, etc. They all work for the same company so many would have met each other.)
__________________________________________________ _______

Name: Caesar Angelo
Nickname: Cam
Nationality: Italian
Sex: Male
Age: 35
Languages: Italian

Appearance: Picture (http://content.answers.com/main/content/wp/en/thumb/4/46/251px-Frank_West.jpg) but with different clothing and no baseball bat.

Weapons/Equipment: Sig 9mm, x 3 Throwing knives, Camera
Specialist Skills/Knowledge:
Knife Thrower- When throwing his specially designed and weighted knives he can throw them with a great degree of accuracy.
Climbing- Caecar can ascend and descend most mountains without the use of climbing equipment.

Ceasar had a relatively boring childhood so he joined the Italian Navy for a few years in the hope for some adventure and to see the world. But this never happened as he was assigned to border patrols mostly so when it came to the time he could legally leave he did so.

When he was a child Ceasar did enjoy photography and decided to work as a freelance journalist for the Worlds paper by going into war zones and telling the stories. He was quite successful and once went on patrol with a unit of American troops.

During this patrol the unit was attacked and Caesar had to take up a gun in order to defend himself, the unit had to dig in and found themselves under attack for three days until a group from ExOps came to their aid.

This led to his decission to work for ExOps and has gone on many missions working as a merc while making some money on the side by selling his story under an alias to a popular magazine along with the pictures he takes. This is also how he earned the nickname cam as he always carries his camera with him.

Relationship requests: I wouldn’t mind my character having some kind of partner he always works with, if it’s an old friend, person he has a romantic attachment to or just someone he works well with.

10-06-2007, 06:38 PM
I'm in. I've never played Mercenaries, but I hope your right when you say that anyone can join. :)

Name: Conán Stanwood
Nickname: Keegan - name meaning "small fiery one" in Irish.
Nationality: Irish
Sex: Male
Age: 28
Languages: Irish

Appearance: (will add one soon)

Weapons/Equipment: Heckler & Koch G36 Assault Rifle, small combat knife, special-made Tranquilizer Dart pistol

Specialist Skills/Knowledge:

• First Aid - In a pinch, Stanwood can administer first aid and medical treatment to those in a firefight.
• Demolition Expert - He has recieved a very elite education of explosives and is very good at setting explosives and traps during assignments.

Bio: Conan was born in Ireland and raised as a typical child there - until his parents happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and were both killed by a terrorist attack. After he was raised by his uncle in Ireland, he devoted himself to training as an Spec-Ops soldier out of vengeance, but when he was close to being given this elite position among the Irish Army, he grew discontented with the way they were handling the investigation into the attack.

After learning that the attack may have originated from a location near China, he left the army and traveled their by himself, gradually making his way into China. While he was there he was ambushed by a group of terrorists trying to get him off of the trail, and it was only by sheer will that he survived the encounter. As he was hunted out of China he eventually was able to escape, leaving a trail of dead thugs behind.

After ExOps had heard of the encounter, they managed to contact him and offered him a position in their organization, which he took. He has been doing jobs for them ever since, but he has his beefs about the way ExOps is run as well. He has still never given up his search for the man that masterminding the terrorist attack in Ireland.

Relationship requests: Conan rarely talks and tends to keep to himself, so he has not formed any kind of strong relationships in the organization. (this is partly because of the death of his parents)

10-06-2007, 06:55 PM
I'm in.

Name: Keun Quan


Nationality: Korean, born in America.

Sex: Male

Age: 30

Languages: English, Chinese, Korean.

Appearances: The first thing you notice about Keun is that that he's extremely diminutive, only about five feet and very thin. He has short black hair and dark eyes. While in Korea, he's usually wearing native clothing.

Weapons & Equipment: Beretta 92, with a suppressor, both concealed on the left side of his jacket. He carries a KA-BAR in a sheath on his right side, pressed against his ribs. A small smoke grenade concealed in the sole of his left boot.

Specialist Skills & Knowledge:

Stealth: His diminutive size, Korean ancestry, and natural skill for moving quietly all combine to make him nearly invisible in Korean society. He's equally skilled at moving silently and simply blending in.

Close Quarters Battle: Keun is trained in Judo and Kuk Sul Do, allowing him to hold his own against opponents far larger than him in hand-to-hand combat. Good thing, since most everyone is bigger than him. Years of combat have honed his skills and he has learned to fight dirty.

Silent Kill: Keun specializes in the ability to silently and efficiently kill with minimal sound. He knows where to aim to make sure a man will go down immediately, with no scream, knows where to stab to make sure a man will not manage to get out more than a gurgle.

Bio: Keun's parents fled from North Korea when the Communists took control at the end of World War II, taking with them hate for Communism. They brought their son up with these same ideas in mind, never thinking he'd take them to heart as much as he has.

Keun shuffled around from the time he was eighteen, at first working for relatively peaceful Korean 'reunification' organizations, later becoming fed up with the slow approach and taking matters into his own hands and taking violent action, assassinating several low-level North Korean bureaucrats, getting a little payback while learning how it was done.

When he was twenty-five, he became involved with a Anti-North Korean terrorist organization. After five years, After a handful of North Korean embassy bombings and the murders of a dozen officials, the terrorists were broken by a joint Counter-Terrorist action by GSG-9 and DEVGRU. Keun was one of the few survivors, after which he was approached by ExOps and given the offer of his dreams. He took it.

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-cough- o.o

10-06-2007, 09:08 PM
What the hell? This is Korea, not Corellia.

10-06-2007, 09:13 PM
Yea, just an FYI KotO[REvan], this is not a Star Wars RPG. :)

Rogue Warrior
10-07-2007, 04:05 AM
I am going to put one of my mates in the game here, just because I am evil.

Character Sheet

Name: Nancy Rachel Allen
Nationality: French Canadian
Sex: Female
Age: 36, born May 6th 1969
Languages: English

Appearance: http://i28.photobucket.com/albums/c202/millinniummany3k/my%20album/Mercenaries_4copy.jpg

Weapons/Equipment: Nancy uses the Arctic Warfare .50 rifle for sniping and as stylish as it may seem a .357 magnum revolver for close quarters.
Specialist Skills/Knowledge: Nancy is a marksman and qualified pilot as well as being trained in the Israeli self defense of Krav Marga.

Bio: Nancy began her career by seeking to join the CIA in the wake of the Oklahoma bombing, however she was passed over because of her Canadian citizenship. The NSA however sought her out on the basis of her athletic training and used her as a test case for field operative work. However she soon grew to dislike the morally ambiguous work she conducted and left to work in security. However Nancy found out that her employers were involved in arms smuggling and so sought to find training so she could bring them down. Her military training as a freelance agent was at the hands of GSG-9 operative Karl Grouchenberg, and later the United States Rangers after September 11. Nancy conducted a tour in Afghanistan where she was a part of a number of controversial activities centered on rattling the Taliban Islamic terrorists in the region and after her unit failed to capture Bin Laden she returned home to a surprise. Karl had adopted a young boy, an orphan after his parents were killed on 9/11, and demanded that Nancy look after him as payment for her training. She did her best to achieve this but she was called back to fight in Iraq, where the increased scrutiny of her actions made her the perfect scapegoat for criticism of the war, including Abu Ghraib. Nancy's involvement if any was unclear, but when she learned that she was going to be blamed she deserted Iraq and sought work as a mercenary.

Nancy is considered a female counterpart to Song, matching him for ruthlessness and discipline. She has a soft spot for the Chinese and is perhaps too trusting of them, while she wonders whether the Mafia or the CIA will be the first to try and user her son as leverage. Don't expect Nancy to take many prisoners however, as there is no depth she would not stoop to in order for her to achieve her goals. Aggressive, angry and violent, questions are raised over her stability, she is as likely to lash out at anyone who says the wrong thing to her as to fight the North Koreans. Mental problems aside there is no questioning Nancy's commitment to do whatever it takes to remove the threat posed by Song and his nukes.

Relationship requests: Possibly Fiona. Nancy had taken a young Australian under her wing, teaching what she knows, and is familiar enough to pass comment on topics from Australia's weapons and tactics to lamenting on their comparative lack of teeth.

10-07-2007, 11:12 AM
Ok guy i need to Explain Languages and the multilingual Specialist knowledge.

You don't class english as a language as that is Standard for the RP as all the characters need to speak it for the RP to work. The Multilingual skill means if you can speak more than 2 languages other than English.

I.E Rob your guy speaks 1 extra language and does not need it, and Corinthian has 2 extra so he does not need it.

10-07-2007, 12:51 PM
Name: Abigail Engel
Nickname: Abby (she insists on being called Abby (Ah-bee) because she got tired of explaining the difference between 'Abby-gale' and Ah-bee-gel' (with 'g 'as in 'girl'))
Nationality: German
Sex: Female
Age: 31
Languages: German, French, English, Italian, Spanish

Appearance: Abby Engel (http://www.sorozatjunkie.hu/regiposztok/celebrity/franka_potente.JPG)


Heckler & Koch HK45 Tactical pistol (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/8/8a/HK45.JPG) (x2, both hip holstered, with 1 silencer)
Heckler & Koch PSG1 (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/6/6f/HK_PSG1.jpg) (though designated as a 'precision sharpshooter rifle' and often associated with elite sniper units, Abby rarely uses it as such)
KM2000 (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/a/ac/KM2000_mit_Scheide.jpeg) German combat knife (hip holster, next to HK45, right hip)

Specialist Skills/Knowledge:

Multilingual/ accent mimicry: when you travel as much as Abby does, it pays to know the languages of the countries you visit. Her list includes, English, French, Italian, and Spanish (not to mention her native tongue, German). Furthermore, give Abby a few minutes of listening to a regional accent of a language she knows and she can mimic it without error.
Quick thought-to-action reflexes: It's what keeps her alive. Most people have to process what they see for a few seconds before they can act on it. If Abby sees something, she acts almost immediately... so much so, it seems instinctive.
Self-defense/martial arts: Abby was very busy in her school years. Not only did she learn four languages, but she mastered two self-defense/martial arts styles. One more was learned during her time in the military, thanks to one of her commanders.

Bio: Abigail Engel always played with the boys. Her first broken bone was received at five years of age, when she jumped off the roof of a building at school... though how she manage to get up there was not discovered until later... and prompted the firing of a maintenance worker for leaving a ladder up against the building. But none of this changed the fact: Abby Engel's left leg was broken. She was a tough girl, even at that young age; when they set the leg, she gritted her teeth, determined not to cry.

Rehab was like torture to Abby. She hated wearing the cast, but trying to rebuild the strength in that leg to where she could walk took her longer than average due to her carelessness in working with the cast. Once the cast was finally off, she was back to her rough friends in less than a week. She still favored her left leg a little, but within a month, even that was gone.

By the time she turned fifteen, Abby had broken both legs twice, her right arm three times, and her left arm once. She'd had seven concussions, twelve sprains (distributed randomly over arms, legs, wrists, and ankles). By eighteen, she broke her neck once and her collar bone twice. Her parents were concerned that she might just be a magnet for self-destruction, but they were pleased with her intelligence; she picked up four foreign languages during her school years. But after turning eighteen, she joined the Bundeswehr, the German Federal Defense Force, instead of going on to college.

The Bundeswehr was good for Abby. She spent five years in various locations around the world. In part, her habit of getting into trouble helped her for these five years, as she learned quickly to identify situations that could be damaging. In all of her five years, she got shot once through the left arm; a month later, she was back in action. Her record earned her the nickname Dame Unberührbar, 'Lady Untouchable'.

After leaving the Bundeswehr, Abby was hired as a language tutor at the Freie Universität Berlin, the Free University of Berlin due to her excellent language skills in, English, French, Italian, and Spanish as well as her solid grasp of her native language. It was here that ExOps discovered her, though not initially for her language skills.

A riot broke out on campus during Abby's second year of tutoring. Her time in the Bundeswehr trained her to react if she could do something about the situation. So she did. In ten minutes, the leaders of the riot were neutralized and the mob had scattered. By the time the police got there, a few students were trying to talk to Abby, who was trying to slip away. The police interrogated her and, with some eyewitness testimony, they commended her for her action.

ExOps learned about the incident through international news sources and did some digging to discover that Abby was a language tutor at the university. They did some digging into her past and liked what they saw. When the school year ended, a representative of ExOps flew out to meet with her. The result of the meeting was that Abby resigned from teaching and joined ExOps. She was twenty-seven at the time.

It's been four years since Abigail Engel joined ExOps. She goes on various sorts of missions, ranging from information gathering to assassination. Though it's rare for her to work with anyone else from ExOps, it has been known to happen. Mostly, her missions are limited to Europe, though she has ventured into the Americas on occasion.

Relationship requests: As I mentioned before, Abby has been known to work with others from ExOps, but it hasn't happened often. So maybe one or two of you might recognize her and be a little familiar with her, but not more than that.

10-07-2007, 03:52 PM
Name: Lauren Becket
Nickname: Driver
Nationality: Scottish/British
Sex: Female
Age: 43
Languages: Russian and Chinese

Appearance: Clicky here (http://www.stephenkingshortmovies.com/images/interviews/cast/Torri_Higginson.jpg)

[x]FN P-90 (http://www.bf-games.net/images/bf2/waffen/ef/p90.jpg), equipped with both a laser sight and a scope.
[x]Beretta 9mm (http://www.olive-drab.com/gallery/photos/pistol_m9_500.jpg), equipped with laser sight and a sound suppressor.
[x]Combat Knife (http://www.thompsonoutdoors.com/images/d2.jpg)

Specialist Skills/Knowledge:
[x]Driving: Known for her skill behind the wheel or control stick, Lauren can drive almost every type of vehicle created by man. This includes land, air and water based vehicles.
[x]Close Quarters Combat: CQC for short, is a method of melee combat. It uses the Beretta 9mm in conjunction with the combat knife. CQC can be used to punch, stab and shot enemies, or used to grab a hold of the enemies by the throat so you can either kill them quietly, interrogate them or use them as human shields.

Bio: Lauren's up bringing was fairly normal. She went through all the usual experiences a normal child would do. That included school, boys, experimenting with drugs and all other bits in between, however no matter what she did, she was always bored. She tried many different phases, more being a popular and sought after woman of the school, to a complete loner. Unfortunately, nothing interested her that much. It wasn't until she made the unexpected choice to join the armed forces when her life began to interest her.

After a couple of years of training, two tours of Royal army service, Lauren had herself transfered to the Royal Marines. There she joined a branch called the Green Barrets.

(will finish later)

Relationship requests: I would like to accept Starmark's request about the partner relationship however I will leave it up to him weather the relationship ever went beyond work status and how far... if that makes any sense...

10-08-2007, 02:18 AM
Name: Sullivan Sterling
Nickname: Dice
Nationality: South African
Sex: Male
Age: 36
Languages: English

Appearance: White South African, agile build, clean shaven face, clothing-No hat though (http://xbox360media.ign.com/xbox360/image/article/794/794427/battlefield-bad-company-20070605041625008.jpg)

Weapons/Equipment: customized 1911
Combat knife
Advanced Lockpicking kit
Smoke Grenades X 3 (Sullivan always carries smoke grenades)

Specialist Skills/Knowledge: Knife Fighting - Sullivan is a knife fighting expert

Battlefield Technician - Vehicle repair, breaking and entering, communication, computers, electronic warfare...

Bio: Sullivan spent his grade school years as a clever but reckless child. He played rugby and engaged in all the shenanigans in the book for adolscents. Including creating a few of his own. He did however, manage to keep up his grades and enter a university.

After 2 years his dissatisfaction caused him to drop out and join the military. He served as an elite commando in the South African National Defense Force. After serving for a 6 year period he left the military and went to the only line of work he knew...war. Sullivan went to freelance mercenary work and was involved in operations all over the African continent in the late 1990's and the early part of the new century. Finally ending up doing security contracting in the Second Iraq War. Bored, Sullivan finally joined Executive Operations with promises of good pay and adventure.

Peronality: Always cheerful-never serious-laid back attitude. Likes to make conversation and loves to make friends. Known to be the first to always pull out the cards or dice during R and R time.

EDIT: I didnt know we already had a vehicle person so I took it off.

10-08-2007, 10:50 AM
Name: Tenchi Isao

Nickname: Mr. Lee

Nationality: Japanese

Sex: Male

Age: 28

Languages: English, Japanese

Appearance: Best Image I could find (http://fc02.deviantart.com/fs17/f/2007/128/9/9/Asian_Swordsman_by_WhiteStorm.jpg); Has Blue hair highlights; relatively tall, 6'7"; Fingureless leather gloves, white sleeveless shirt, and leather jacket; Also wears wireframe sunglasses on occasion; Has two scars on his left cheek.


Scoped-Laser Pointer Desert Eagle (http://fc04.deviantart.com/fs11/f/2007/119/7/b/Desert_Eagle_by_malmida.jpg) [Medium-Long distance combat]

MP5K Submachine Gun (http://fc03.deviantart.com/fs16/f/2007/200/4/3/MP5K_submachine_gun_by_Ben0rz.jpg) [Medium/Regular combat; Most used; Extended clips/magazines; Has silencer]

Remington 870 Shotgun (http://fc04.deviantart.com/fs16/f/2007/193/3/a/ZOK___ZOmbie_Killer_by_FNPhil.jpg) [Close/Urban/Corridor combat; Uses buckshots and slugs]

Heavy Combat Knife (http://nicnac.net/media/tracker2.jpg) [Silent/Confined combat; Also good for sawing wood and scaling fish]

Specialist Skills/Knowledge:

Martial Arts: Has been, from youth, practicing Karate and Taido, and is highly skilled, also knows Jujutsu and many of it's weapon combat forms (Batojutsu, etc.).

Guerrilla Warfare: Years of Urban and Jungle warfare with nothing but a pistol and blade in many cases, has taught him how to use hit and run tactics, natural traps, terrain advantages, and many other skills.

Bio: Growing up in a proud family in the city of Osaka, Tenchi held an obligation, as the only son, to make his parents proud, and bring honor to his name. At eighteen Tenchi went to Kyoto, and went to a police academy. With determination he excelled at what he did, and soon graduated, and moved to Tokyo and joined the TPD. After two years of working in Tokyo, Tenchi was promoted to Foreign Affairs, and eventually was shipped out on an investigative assignment in Vietnam.

Through the years he went on many assignments, getting promotions to widen the field of work he did. Many were to aid in retrieving information within hot zones, and behind enemy lines, usually to aid allies, like the U.S. or the European Nations. More than once he had ended up caught in battlefield or heavy combat situations, and with little more than a handgun and knife, this is where many of his Guerrilla Warfare tactics had to be learned.

On an assingment, he was alone in the middle of a jungle in africa where terrorists were heard to be making trouble for both locals and UN forces. He had been investigating when he had gotten into an unexpected firefight, losing most, if not all of his ammo, he was injured and was still in dangerous territory. It took two days before an odd group of people came across him, they called themselves ExOps, and they had learned firsthand of his skills in Guerrilla Warfare, having tripped several of the traps he had set up, luckily no one was killed, but they were definately injured.

After that he "retired" from his line of work, and took up a position offered to him by ExOp.

Relationship requests: Wouldn't mind an old friend either, or a love interest. Will also take up your offer for an old friend, aswell starmark2k, if you don't mind that is?


10-08-2007, 12:20 PM
I'll get us started some point tomorrow and all the finished character sheets are fine.

@ Steven- IT's fine by me but they're just two people who ExOps have realised work better together than alone.

10-08-2007, 06:53 PM
Name: Maksim Vasiliev
Nickname: Max
Nationality: Russian
Sex: Male
Age: 53
Languages: English and Russian

Appearance: fairly short at 5'9"; broad shoulders and muscular frame; face is somewhat long with an aged appearance; hair is dark, almost black with some grey. it is kept neatly trimmed, and he is always clean shaven.

SIG .40 Compact Pistol
TPG-1 .338 Bolt-Action (http://www.snipercentral.com/tpg1.htm) rifle w/ night/day optical scope
AK-47 w/ night/day optical scope
Ghillie Suit
Tactical night/day scope
K-bar Combat Knife

Specialist Skills/Knowledge:
Master Marksman: able to pull off incredibly difficult shots over long distances (1200+ meters), Max is the best choice for taking out targets at a distance
Infiltration: able to use his surroundings to his advantage, Max is accustomed to penetrating deep behind enemy lines for recon or specific assassinations with his rifle or assault rifle

Bio: Hailing from a farming family several miles north of the Caspian Sea, Max learned to use a rifle for hunting purposes in order to provide for his family. As the oldest of three boys (and 5 sisters), Max often found himself hunting alongside his brother Ivan who was only a year younger. They became excellent marksmen before they reached 15 years old and won several local competitions for shooting.

When Max reached 16 years old, he was forced into the Red Army as was his brother about a year later. As they had already been excellent shots in their youth, both brothers were certified marksman with every weapon they used. Max was then inducted into a snipers school for the Red Army while his brother was recruited into a black ops program. Max excelled early on and was formally assigned to a regiment at the age of 17.

He would serve the Red Army with an exemplary record in a number of campaigns including Afganistan. Wanting to expand his abilities, Max took the opportunity to leave the Red Army during the chaos of the Soviet Collapse in the early 90's.

Working for a number of years as a foreign training advisor for a number of NATO countries, Max soon went into the business as a mercenary in the Middle East. Hired initially by the Israelis, Max spent a number of years working in conjunction with the Massad and occasionally with the US Military in Iraq. He would later leave the dangerous world of independent mercenaries when he joined ExOps at the urgings of his brother, Ivan. Although they usually served together as a two man sniper/spotter team, they occassionally took jobs separately.

Just recently, Ivan was killed in a botched op in Iran when they were on separate assignments, and Max decided to join in the operations in Korea to get away from the escalating Middle East conflict.

10-09-2007, 10:34 AM
@stingerhs - Not to be rude, but it's spelled Ghillie, not Guille, also known as a Yowie Suit! :) (I can't wait for Call Of Duty 4 !!! :D )

@starmark2k - finished, had a question, but I forgot, I'll edit if I ever remember though.

10-09-2007, 12:58 PM
Its Begun (http://lucasforums.com/showthread.php?p=2377932#post2377932)

Can the people who haven't finished their sheets please do so before posting in the RP thread.

10-14-2007, 10:37 AM
Hey Everyone so we know the lay of the land I found and edited a map from the game so we know where the Alied and enemy bases are.

Korea Map (http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a353/starmark2k/Mercmap.jpg)

Our characters have landed at the bottom of the road on the south est corner of the map (thats the bottom right Corner.)