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10-18-2007, 06:12 AM

the Esoteric Order of Darkness we are a secret sect of dark force users who follow the teachings and traditions of the Sith, we crave for a total Darkside theocracy, believing that only those that can control the force should rule the galaxy and all those who are not force sensitive should be made into slaves.

We do follow the Rule of Two to the extent of there can only be two Dark Lords those being Darth Sidious and Darth Vader, we believe Darth Sidious has yet to enact his ultimate plan for the galaxy so in the mean time we stay to the shadows waiting and manipulating galactic events as we see
fit, using Sith magic and assassination techniques.

Cult of Darkness FAQ
Who are the Esoteric Cult of Darkness?

OOC We are a group of force sensistive players who wish to RP as Sith, following their teachings and languages as close as we can without breaking the Canon of Star Wars.

IC We are Sith followers, seekers of dark and ancient knowledge, we crave a total darkside theocracy and work in the shadows manipulating galactic society using Sith magic and ancient assassination techniques

Can i Join the Cult?

The Cult is open to all force sensitives who show they are willing to act maturely Rp well and learn the Sith ways.

Is there a Cl requirement for the guild?

No, The only requirement to join is you must at least be Force Sensitive
Do you Pvp

While we are primarily a hardcore RP guild so Pvp plays no large part to us but we do not disallow our members to participate in Pvp.

Views on Lightsiders and Jedi

We have a deep hatred of the Jedi, seeing them as fools, we believe they are the biggest threat to our plans and that those we cannot turn must be eradicated.


We speak primarily in Basic occasionally using ancient Sith words in a perverse mimicry of our Dark Idols.
What are the Ranks in the Cult?

The Ranks within the Cult are as follows..

Sith Master

One who has true understanding of the Darkside they have power and knowledge that others can only dream of, they know what it really means to be Sith, sharing their knowledge to those who seek it.

Second only to their Master in skill, an acolyte will serve a master without question. They know much of the Darkside and too have great understanding of the Sith but something is holding them back from achieving true power.


An Adept knows the basics of the Sith teachings, they know how to harness the Darkside for their own means but do not truly understand it they still have much to learn.

A Novice can feel the pull of the Darkside inside them but can not truly harness it yet, unfocused and knowing very little of the Darkside or the Sith the Novice strives to learn more! what is this power? what are the Sith? and how can i used this knowledge to achieve perfection!.

All new members will start at Novice, from there they will be taken on by a master who will start to train them in the Sith ways it is down to the master to decide when a apprentice is ready to progress to the next stage.

Progression can be made by suitably impressing a master and gaining prestige within the guild.

Is there a Factional Requirement?

Yes, as we are sith we still believe in the Rule of Two though we believe this means only two Dark Lords at any one time, because of this we will follow Darth Sidious and Darth Vader when teh times comes, so we prefer our members to be of the Imperial Faction.
Where is the Cult based?

The Cult is currently located in the ancient Sith tomb of Darth Terros on Lok, it is here we do most of our training and meditation, though we do wander the galaxy visiting other places of darkside power.

((To learn more about us or apply for membership please visit www.sithcult.com or contact Joce, iske', yerroth or ivof IG))