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10-19-2007, 12:26 AM
I've been making a mod that adds some new armor suits to KOTOR. I wanted these armors to be compatible with force powers, but I didn't want to elimninate the usefulness/function of the robes. I have decided to make the armor suits require a new feat. I was going to call my feat "Force Armor" but then realized there was already a force power by the same name, so any suggestions would be appreciated. I was wondering if you guys think I should have Juhani or Jolee start with this feat (preferably only one of them). I feel Bastila is probably a good candidate, but I think the player should have to choose it in level up for Bastila and their own character, at least.

So far I have mainly been working on making Bandon's armor. This still needs work, but I thought it would be nice to get some feedback.

Pic 1 (http://static3.filefront.com/images/personal/o/obtenebration/114721/mrsqndvgku.jpg)
Pic 2 (http://static3.filefront.com/images/personal/o/obtenebration/114721/yipzpodkcn.jpg)

10-19-2007, 05:26 AM
The black certainly looks very nice. Although...you are aware you cold use the exact armor Bandon is wearing, right? ;)

Good luck on your mod! :D

10-19-2007, 02:54 PM
Thanks Ztalker. I thought about it, but I think all of my other armor will use the default slots (probably just the lightest of the armors --- the "C" style). I wasn't sure what to do with the female version.

Another question: I was thinking about eliminating Bandon's Armor and replace it with mine, but Bandon's default armor is still pretty useful. So, should I have Bandon's armor and this new jedi armor on his body? Also, should I replace the other armors like the Exar Kun and Massassi armor or just add new ones? Do you all use these ones with your non-jedi characters?


Miles Edgeworth
10-19-2007, 03:02 PM
:thumbsup: Looks really nice, Mattz. You should probably make new .utis as I know of some people that use Bandon's and Exar Kun's armor on their Non-Jedi party members.