View Full Version : Incoming GRAW 2 DLC

10-20-2007, 08:03 AM

9 more adversarial maps and a few co-op missions coming out soon!!!! They're bringing in maps from the original Ghost Recon as well as Island Thunder. I've been playing the Ghost Recon series since it originally came out on Xbox. I own them all, cannot wait to see these classic maps on the xbox 360.

Adversarial maps:

Business Park (new)
Rooftop (new)
Caves (from ghost recon)
Railroad (from ghost recon)
Battlefield (from ghost recon)
Plantation (from island thunder)
Swamp Airfield (from island thunder)
Prison (from island thunder)
Castle (from island thunder)

I can't wait. If i have to pay for it, so be it, I love GRAW 2. :)