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10-22-2007, 05:59 PM
Hi guys :) well now I'm having a pretty strange behaviour in some animations involving Mission Vao, I'm using these two simple scripts to unequip her right and left slot weapons or to equip her with a stun baton; all this in order to improve the animations within dialogs; pleading especially, I hate pleading animations with equipped arms!! :mad:
Here are the scripts I'm using:

// unequipmiss
unequips Mission's right and left slot weapons

void main() {
object oParty = GetObjectByTag("Mission");
AssignCommand(oParty, ActionUnequipItem(GetItemInSlot(INVENTORY_SLOT_LEF TWEAPON, oParty), TRUE));
AssignCommand(oParty, ActionUnequipItem(GetItemInSlot(INVENTORY_SLOT_RIG HTWEAPON, oParty), TRUE));
************************************************** *******
//give and equip Mission a stun baton for a dialog animation

void main()

object oTarget=GetObjectByTag("Mission");
object oStun = CreateItemOnObject("g_w_stunbaton01",oTarget);

AssignCommand(oTarget,ActionEquipItem(oStun,INVENT ORY_SLOT_RIGHTWEAPON,TRUE));


The specific problem is that Mission plays the dialog animation with the equipped weapon/s even AFTER the scripts have been executed ... BUT the scripts are working because -when the animation ends- if I change active player to Mission she is unequipped (or with the stun baton) ...

So, what could this be?? thanks on advance ... :thmbup1:

Edit: Hmm ... after some tests I've realized that the error happens only when the dialog is started by the PC, if any other party member start the conversation with this NPC (a spawned twi'lek in Dantooine Jedi courtyard) the scripts work perfect :rolleyes: ... that's it now ... :yelhelp: