View Full Version : Some new force powers I want to make...

10-29-2007, 06:03 AM
I have been reading the tutorials, and loaded all the editors, etc. But, before I begin, I'd like to throw my ideas out there and see if any experienced modders had suggestions.

The new force powers I want to create are:

1. Summon Mine - This power would spawn 1-3 floating mines (like the ones on Peragus) that would target the player's enemies...and hopefully move toward them.

A. One variation I'd like is for the mines to show up in stealth mode (i.e. as blurs floating toward the target)

B. The mines to show up as exploding Gizka (just for kicks) ;)

2. 3 single target attack powers based on weapons animations (Droid Flamethrower, Freeze Attack, and Disruptor bolt). The idea is for the bolt to fly out of the caster's hand (or near)...and hopefully hit 100%.

My big questions are:

1. Are these possible to do?

2. Have they been done/tried before?

I'd like to make them work...but for now I am really interested in just gaining some modding experience rather than worrying about the utility of the powers themselves.