View Full Version : How to change blaster bolt colors in TSL?

10-31-2007, 12:10 PM
I've been trying to figure this out, but can't get it right. I followed the walkthrough, but it wasn't complete and I can't download the updated version.

So far, I have extracted the w_laserfire mdl/mdx, and the w_lfire mdl/mdx as TGAs and assigned them unique file names.

In XV132, I changed the line fx_laser_01 to fx_laser_98 in the w_laserfire mdl.

I also changed fx_laser_02 to 99 and fx_flare_01 to 99 in the w_lfire mdl.

Then, I opened the TGAs in Gimp and recolored the bolt blue.

After that, I created a new line in the ammunitiontype.2da file with references to the files I created, etc...

Then, I opened the baseitem.2da in my Override file and assigned the new ammunition type to a weapon for testing.

But, when I tested it, the bolt was still green (the normal bowcaster color), although the shape of the bolt was different (square flare instead of round).

What did I do wrong?