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11-04-2007, 06:45 PM
At the end of the Great War, the nations were hopeful for an era of peace, but the failure of the League of Nations ended those hopes. With the Prohibition and depression, the world fractured, Empires and Unions fracturing into quarreling nation-states. With most of the roads and railways destroyed by skirmishes, the nations looked to the skies, beginning a new era for the world's economy.

Trains and cars were rapidly replaced with zeppelins and planes. With the change in commerce, soon, this became the favored battlefield for war. But the skies offered a new opportunity for criminals. With the rise of faster and better armored ships, naval piracy had become considerably less profitable, but the skies were now rife with vast cargo zeppelins hauling uncounted wealth. Sky Piracy soon became the greatest problem facing the new nations, causing more money loss and more deaths than almost any other form of crime.

One of the most efficient crews is the Renegades and their Zeppelin, the Defiance.. Striking dozens of shipments along the East Coast from New York to sometimes as far south as Havana, the Renegades have made shipping from the various nations along the East Coast into a nightmare. Even now, they head for an engagement with the crew of a merchant airship, the Swallow heading along the dangerous journey from Havana to Boston.

* * *

1/6 Renegades
- FFWM - Captain

1/6 Crew of the Swallow
- Corinthian - Escort Pilot

* * *

Alright, in case you who have played the game couldn't tell by the title, this particular RP is based off of the game Crimson Skies, a fighter-pilot-type game that takes place in a parallel-history Earth during the 1930's. A map of this alternate-world can be found here (http://www.foxforcefive.nutz.de/cs/world/karte/cs_world.html) .

So, for this particular RP, me and Corinthian are trying something that's usually a pretty big no-no in RPs here on LF - and that's splitting the main cast of characters up into two groups. Now, keep in mind that we won't be separated for long, seeing as the Renegades are closing in on the Swallow as the RP beings, but even so, I reserve the right to deny any potential member of this RP entrance based on their skill at RPing. I don't want this to die before it can get off the ground because we have a bunch of nooblets running around like chickens with their heads cut off instead of paying attention to the guiding hands of myself and Corinthian.

We figure each crew will have about six members - a captain, a doctor, a navigator, a Zepplin pilot, as well as a few pilots for the escort planes that will guard the main 'mother ship' that is the Zepplin. Take your pick - but I, again, reserve the right to deny someone a certain position based on their skill level.

If you have any either questions, post them here. Other than that...happy RPing! :D

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I'll post my sheet soon...

11-04-2007, 10:39 PM
Co-Creator coming on station.

Name: Jake Hendricks

Age: 29

Gender: Male

Crew: The Swallow

Position: Pilot, First Mate.

Personality: Jake is an easy going sort, fond of jokes, although he's rather spotty in his ability to tell them. He enjoys the risky, even being a bit of a thrill-seeker, although he tries not to put the lives of his friends on the line because of it. Sometimes it doesn't turn out the way he wants, and that has dialed down his recklessness...to a degree. He has a keen memory, particularly for jokes and trivia, although he often comments that his memory is related to how important the subject is. If it's very important, he'll forget it within the hour. This isn't quite true in practice, but it's close.

Appearance: Jake is a fairly sturdily-built man, shorter than average, about 5'9, with a fair tone of muscle on his body. He has short-cut, reddish-brown hair and blue eyes, and generally wears a black flightsuit, with a flak jacket and parachute if he's in the cockpit.

Equipment: Jake flies a Hawker Hurricane, painted dark blue with a broad white stripe in the middle of each wing, as well as two small Jolly Rogers painted on the cockpit canopy.

He carries a Colt M1917 Revolver, on his hip. He almost always has it, particularly when the Swallow is doing a run.

History: Jake had a fairly normal early life for most people his age. Aside from his father being drafted in 1917 and fighting in France, it was all fairly quiet. He had ambitions of joining the U.S. Army Air Corps. However, those ambitions were dashed on October 29, 1929. Black Tuesday. The start of the Great Depression.

After the slow dissolution of the Union, Jake drifted for a while. He had no clue what to do. He seemed to find his way after he joined Washington's Air Militia, in what would eventually become the nation of Columbia, but after two years in it's service he washed out for insubordination.

After that, he purchased his own fighter, a Hawker Hurricane, and became a hired escort for Zeppelins coming into and out of Washington. After another two years of that, he joined the crew of the Swallow on it's maiden voyage, a position he continues to hold, as well as the Swallow's first mate.