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11-09-2007, 02:44 PM
Chapter 7.1 Publish Notes
Nov 09, 2007

SOE has released the publish notes for Star Wars Galaxies Chapter 7.1: A Collection of Heroes, which went live today.

Beast Master:

Adjusted the creature difficulty class weighting for hydrolyses extraction. Players should see consistently higher results from Boss and Elite level creatures over normal.
All mutations now require at least one type 1 mutation before you can get a template change. All mutations that required, prior to this change, at least one type 1 mutation have had their color combinations changed.
BBP will now only send a message to the Beast Master if they have the Lyase color correct.
Fixed an issue with beasts not being able to attack lairs.
Fixed an issue where defensive mode on beasts was not working correctly.

Event runners can no longer switch a combat NPC to a flavor NPC if the NPC is in combat.
Increased the range of the storyteller jukebox.
Added "Start Listening to Jukebox" and "Stop Listening to Jukebox" as radial options on a jukebox. This will allow players to listen to the jukebox music if they missed the automated start. This usually happens in cases when they are not part of the jukebox owner's story at the time it started.
Storyteller Imperial officers and stormtrooper squad leaders should now use their ranged attack.