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Black Knight of Keno
11-10-2007, 12:26 PM
The Galaxy is in turmoil as the new Sith Order fights a ruthless war against the Empire and the Galactic Alliance Core Forces. This triangle of fighting is a situation of restricted chaos with people of ambition and power gaining much foothold in the Galaxy. The remaining Jedi are spread thin, most fighting with the GACF or hiding while the Imperial Knights become the new force to step against the darkness of the Sith. Many things go unseen while the three sides fight, one being that the forces of the Mandalorians are growing in number and strength after finding a new, strong leader to reclaim the old might of the Mandalorians.

Before the Sith attack on the Jedi, the council had been discussing of strange occurrings on Mandalore and it's nearby systems. They hat sent a team of Jedi to find out what was causing the disappearance of equipment and people, harrassing of legit trade and sightings of previously unknown creatures and ships. The team numbered four jedi of varying degrees of teaching.




Yup, here it is folks. A new legacy-era roleplay. The plot is simple:
The Empire, Sith and Galactic Alliance Core Forces are fighting, which makes each of them stretched out and weaker than they should. This means criminal organizations and other paramilitary organizations are getting a foothold. The most important of them is the pirate-funded Mandalorians who, under the leadership of a figure named Mandalore the Worthy, but the Jedi are wary of this and think there is more behind their growing strength. In truth, the followers of the old Sith Order, those descending from Darth Caedus, have made a deal with the Mandalorians and promised them glory and power they have not seen since the Mandalorian Wars. Their plan is to fight the new Sith Order with quality overcoming quantity. That is, if the Jedi don't stop it...

Black Knight of Keno
11-10-2007, 01:29 PM
Name: Frall
Age: 31
Gender: Male
Species: Cathar
Occupation: Jedi Warrior Master

Bio: Frall is a large Jedi with a strong will. His connection with the force isn't the most powerful one, so he has made an effort into becoming an able warrior in lightsaber combat as well as unarmed combat, thus he has mastered the art of Teras Kasi as well as the Medium Style of the New Jedi Order. In addition he looked back and became able in both Form II and Form V of the Old Order. As an unorthodox move from the otherwise orthodox man, he carries a blaster with him on missions in case it's needed to be armed while undercover.

Frall began training when he was 4 years old, was discovered by a Sage Master who later would become frustrated with the Cathar man's lack of Force abilities no matter how hard he meditated. His Master decided to instead show him how to use the Force to aid his lightsaber and directed the actual combat teaching to the Battle master instead, finding himself lacking in abilities to fully teach the Cathar to his potential. When Frall became a Knight, he changed his attires to much more lighter tone. White robes were countered by light brown tunic as well as his lightsaber had a new crystal installed which made the blade an orange hue.


Name: Se-Kola Horgas
Age: 61
Gender: Male
Species: Cerean
Occupation: Sith Lord

Bio: The boy was originally recruited into the Jedi Order at 2 years old, but after not being found by a master was transferred to an irritating job in the Order's archaeological department. Of course he came in contact with the Yuuzhan Vong during this and found the entire species disgusting and not worthy of the Galaxy's fear. His mind began to corrupt and it was only a matter of time before the Sith found him. However, it was not the Sith that would become the masters of the Galaxy later on, but instead it was the forgotten Old Sith Order. The Old Order had kept a low key since they were driven back after Darth Caedus, bended their rules to become that there were two Lords with two apprentices in case Darth Krayt's order found one of them. The Cerean Sith learned everything he needed to swiftly and precisely and as a stunning move did not get rid of his master once he surpassed him, but instead found that confiding in his master would mean he would be tested, which further grew his powers and abilities. Finding the old Form II his style, he combined it with Form VI and began using two lightsabers that could be connected into one. When he did slaughter his master, he did it when his master was already weak and dying, ascending thus into Sith Lordship and denying an apprentice until he would find the perfect one. The three remaining Sith then began to work with the Mandalorians for power and glory for the ancient alliance between Sith and Mandalorians.

11-10-2007, 03:21 PM
Name: Hyde
Age: 34
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Occupation: Smuggler

Bio: Formally a GACF pilot, Hyde is now a freelancer scavenger/machine parts trade who travels to battles to collect the mess left by the three factions. Because of his lifestyle, he has become quite skilled in the art of making things out of junk. This includes weaponry, equipment and droids. And although he can hold his own in a gun fight using his custom upgraded DB-12 blasted, he doesn't stand a match for a skilled jedi or sith. He also has no problem using cheep tricks to gain the upper hand in combat or allow to him escape. He enjoys using "gismos" and his jacket has dozens of these "gismos" attached to it.

Most recently, he was adapting to steal a top of the line stealth device stored on a destroyed GAFC cruiser in the edge of mandalorian space when he was detected and a squad of fighter attempted to destroy the wreckage. After learning that the engines were still roughly working, Hyde fired them up and raced towards the closest plant, Mandalore. The planetary defenses were able to destroy it so it couldn't crash on the planet, Hyde was able to use the escape pod to escape onto the planet surface. So he is now trapped and looking for a way off the planet.

11-18-2007, 03:22 PM
Name: Ace Cole
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Species: Human/Corellian
Occupation: Pilot
Appearance: Image: Ace Cole (http://heroeswiki.com/images/1/15/David_Anders.jpg)
Bio: If Ace Cole ever had a more 'normal' first name, it's been long forgotten. He is the stereotypical space jockey, a little arrogant, and occasionally overconfident in his own skills. However, it can't be said his confidence is misplaced; he truly is a remarkable pilot.

About a year ago, he met Jedi Knight Deitra Starr when she needed a quick ride off an Outer Rim planet, he was able to provide it. After trying unsuccessfully to attract her, he... persuaded the Jedi to hire him as a pilot for them.

Name: Deitra Starr
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Occupation: Jedi Knight
Appearance: Image: Deitra Starr (http://www.atyourspace.com/Images/Female_Celebrities/Anna_Paquin/images/Anna_Paquin_098.jpg)
Bio: Deitra is a quiet, thoughtful young woman. She was on her third assignment alone for the Jedi when things turned against her. Needing a quick escape, she boarded a ship and ordered the pilot to take off. That was her first introduction to Ace Cole... an introduction she now wishes had never taken place.

She knows Ace is attracted to her, but she is devoted to the Jedi. Because of her devotion, she is willing to tolerate Ace... which is a good thing, since he has all but set himself up as her pilot.

Black Knight of Keno
11-25-2007, 09:38 AM
Anyone else? I think we need one more RPer at least to start the RP

Black Knight of Keno
12-06-2007, 08:35 AM
Really? Nobody else is interested?

12-06-2007, 11:12 AM
I'm interested, but I don't have terribly much sw knowledge. I'm still in my first roleplay, so am not terribly experienced either, but I can join if you need.

Black Knight of Keno
12-06-2007, 11:15 AM
None of us know much about the Legacy era and whatever you should know of it is found on Wookiepedia. Just fill out the form and I can start the RP.

If you have quesions, even about the very basic matters, just post them here during the RP or PM me or WildJedi Writer

12-06-2007, 01:04 PM
Name: Mirar
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Occupation: Soldier
Apperance: 1.80 high and powerfully built, dark hair and brown eyes.
Bio: A low life, Mirar joined the imperial army as a mean to escape poverty. Motivated by the terrible casualties suffered by his felow troopers, Mirar became obsessed with training, he even read up on the foes of the empire, hoping to become promoted. He never got so far, his squad was attacked by mandalorians, and soon he was the only one left of his squad. Desperate, Mirar apealed to the mandalorian tradition by pleadging allegiance to mandalore, and requesting to be adopted.

The soldiers sent him to Mandalore(planet) to be adopted into clan Bralor. After several battles on other planets, he is now back on Mandalore as a part of the defence force. While he enjoy being part of a brutaly eficent army, Mirar still feel he dosen't fit in, the mandaloran concept of honor being his bigest problem. His dream is to find a way off world and try his luck as a mercenary. His primary goal however is to survive any way possible, if that means giving up hi dream, so be it.