View Full Version : (TSL) Kreia doesn't talk on Korriban (help please)

11-19-2007, 01:47 AM
So here is the basic 'gist' of it. I am putting a man in Korriban and i have edited a copy of the 701KOR_dlg.ERF, 701KOR.RIM, and 701KOR_s.RIM files that are found in the modules folder of the KOTOR 2 directory. The man now shows up correctly but the dialog for Kreia explaining things around Korriban is not there anymore.

In the 701KOR_dlg.ERF file I have edited the GIT file to add 1 extra creature(the man).

In the 701KOR.RIM file I have edited the GIT file in the same way.

In the 701KOR_s.RIM file I have added to it not edited any files already in it. I added the man's UTC file.

I use KOTOR TOOL (thanks Fred Tetra) to make new MOD/ERF/HAK/SAV files and I use ERFEdit to edit already existing files.

I am sooooo new to modding. In fact, this is my first one.

Please if I am doing something I am not suppose to be doing or if I have missed something let me know and please explain.

I am using the 1.0b version patch. plus fixes.

Thank you for your time in advance. :)

EDIT: DUH me...lol... 701KOR_dlg.ERF has 3 different files for it. I fixed it now. Sorry if I took up too much of anyone's time. :wstupid: