View Full Version : [TSL] Saved Game Issues

11-21-2007, 08:19 PM
Hey, all. I'm having issues with game saves.

My saved games randomly disappear and reappear. For example, I restarted everything from a clean slate last night and deleted all prior saved games before starting for all characters. I played until I met Bao Dur and then called it quits for the night, and I am positive I had five manual saves as well as the auto-save and quick-save in the file. Today, I came back to find only one manual save and the quick-save.

Additionally, I pressed the Switch Characters button to see if they got moved, and I had whole additional accounts on there that should have been deleted (and even other ones that had disappeared the last time I went through a TSL phase). Yes, I'm frustrated, but I would even start over again if it would just keep all my files straight, so I moved every single folder out of the Saves folder under KotOR2 in my Program Files, and when I rebooted the game, it still found a bunch of saves that shouldn't be there. I loaded one to test and it worked.

I'm running Vista Home Premium. I have an AMD X2 4800+ (dual core) and 2GBs of RAM, a 500GB RAID0 HDD array, and an ATI Radeon 1950x Pro.

What should I do?

11-25-2007, 04:41 PM
I erased the games, restarted the game, erased more games, restarted the computer, and erased more still. Then I uninstalled the game and reinstalled it yet again, and now it seems to work fine. Ugh!