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11-25-2007, 07:10 PM
Im thinking of attempting (key word: attempting) to modify the main story line for Dark Side Revan. Heres a basic rundown of some of the things I'll change.

[Intro: Endar Spire Rescue]
[Play cutscenes of Revan's past]

-Revan awakes to find himself/herself aboard the Republic cruiser Endar Spire. The ship is clearly under attack by the Sith.
-[Name here], a Loyalist Sith Commando (Replaces Trask) enters room and says that he's here to "rescue you" and informs you of Malak's betrayal.
He states that Malak learned you were aboard the Endar Spire, alive, and is even now using his new army to attempt to finish you off. [Name] has snuck aboard the ship to rescue you right out from under Malaks nose.
-Revan fights to escape the Endar Spire before it explodes
Republic soldiers are now Sith "Loyalists"
Sith soldiers are now Republic Soldiers
-Final encounter at escape pods
Republic hero Carth Onassi tries to stop you from escaping, you kill Carth and escape to Taris. [Name Here - replaces Carth Onassi]

[Part 1: Taris Revolution]

-[Name here] states that he knows a soldier by the name of Sarna who is a known loyalist to Revan and states that you should seek her out at the Upper City Cantina and that shed be able to help you.
-Sarna demands proof that you are Revan (details currently unknown - quests involved)
-Once proof is recieved Sarna mentions that Malaks forces are controlling the citizens living in the lower cities and states that if you helped them by removing Malak's patrols as well as the Black Vulkar gang then you using your influence, you could convince the expendables to stage a revolt. This revolt would allow You, Sarna, [Commando], and a small Loyalist strike team to force their way into the Sith base and send out a message over the comm to rally the Loyalist Sith faction on Taris.

[Malak heres news and rather than risk loosing control of Taris, threatens to blow it up, Leviathan moves into position]

[Sarna replaces Mission]

-One of Sarna's operatives informs you that they have been tracking your old ship, The Ebon Hawk carefully in your absence and have it currently placed in the hands of criminal kingpin Davik.
-You and a small strike team will raid Davik's base and reclaim what was yours. Meanwhile Loyalist pilots will try to distract Malak's fleet long enough for you to escape the planet and for the Loyalists to evacuate with as many civilians as possible (helps build simpathy towards you).
-You escape Taris, Taris is destroyed. You and the survivors escape to Korriban.

[Korriban - Sith Acadamy]

Uthar Wynn - Loyalist
Yuthura - Traitor
Dustil - Loyalist
Lashlowe - Loyalist
Shardan - Traitor

-Uthar agrees to help you in your quest as well as with restoring your force powers to you. Gives you a lightsaber and runs you through the training excersises.

(Further details currently sketchy)

-Storm the ship with a commando team and capture the bridge
-Convert Saul back to your cause (He was only "pretending" to like Malak)
-Fight your way to the comm room and send a message throughout the fleet of your return as Dark Lord Revan (Breaks Sith moral and causes civil war within Malak's forces between the Loyalist and Traitor factions)
-Encounter and fight Malak. Malak escapes.
-Secure the prisoner Bastilla Shan and prepare her for conversion
-From now on when returning to the Ebon Hawk, you are now transfered to the bridge of the Leviathan. Talking to the Navigator will bring up the travel map. Ship is completly explorable, new characters around etc

[Dantooine - Full Circle]

Juhani - Loyalist

-Storm the Jedi Acadamy
-Convert as many jedi as able
-Kill the Jedi Council

(Manaan, Kashyyk , and Tatooine)

-Unknown details at this point in time

[Rakatan Prime: Surgical Strike]

-Obtain help from your former Rakatan allies to lower the disruption field guarding the Star Forge.
-Darth Bandon battles you at the top of the temple (instead of Bastilla)

[Battle for the Starforge]

-Admiral Sarna informs you that the Republic has managed to track down the Starforge and have begun to attack it. Sending in a squad of Sith Royal Guardsmen (red armor) to protect your party you need to storm the Starforge and kill Malak as quickly as possible so that the new apprentice Bastilla can use her battle meditation on your loyalist fleet to crush the Republic once and for all.

Any ideas of what I could do with the other three planets or things youd like to see (nothing extremely difficult please as I am trying to keep this as simple as possible)

Trask\Carth - Sith Commando
Mission - Sarna (Scout)
Zalbaar - Sith Battle Droid Captain (Kinda like Oom-9)
Astromech - Same?
Hk-47 - Same
Canderous - Same
Jolee - Same / Calo Nord?
Bastilla - Same
Juhani - Same

This is really just a concept and no real work has started as Im still reading/trying to hunt down the necessary modding tutorials that I'll need as this will honestly be my first mod for Kotor.

11-25-2007, 07:37 PM
Sounds good and pretty well-developed. Good luck!

Darth Kalverys
11-25-2007, 08:30 PM
Ummm... about Bastila... she's a Jedi when you find her... so unless you battle her THEN turn her to the Darkside then she should escape Taris and go to Dantooine and inform the Council that Revan has returned and s/he knows how s/he is... then you battle Bastila one last time on Dantooine, then you convince her that the Darkside is the true way to go... such as...

Revan: Look at this... I slaughtered the council just as simple as that... do you not think that I couldn't end your life with one little push?

Bastila: Perhaps, but I will NEVER turn against the Jedi.

[Battle against Bastila begins]

Revan: Told you... give me one good reason why I shouldn't end your pathetic life right now...

Bastila: Because of you... I have seen the light, well the dark actually... but still I will serve you as my master, Revan.

Revan has choice to kill Bastila or keep her as a party member.

And the Sith Commando... wouldn't he die on board the Star Forge when Bandon tried to kill Revan? The Sith Commando goes to stop Bandon from progressing onto Revan. Then you find another Sith loyalist on Taris before Sarna... perhaps even have that party member as a Dark Jedi...

However... you might have a lightsided ending to it as well... like when you finish battling Malak... your party comes up and they say that you are the true ruler of the Sith... blah blah blah, then you have the choice of saying.

Revan(DS): Bow to me...
Revan(LS): Never... I am not a Sith... I fooled you only so that you would follow me so that I could help the Jedi! ((Or something like that))

Commander Thire
11-25-2007, 09:50 PM
sounds good but you should be able to capture and turn bastilla on dantooine also in the beggining make it an option like play reguraly or play sithly also please keep canderous and hk-47

11-25-2007, 10:18 PM
Actually Im most likely not going to do a light side ending...the (what I call) "Old Jedi" are way to prissy, they have it comming....god I sound like Revan.


Thats actually a pretty good idea. Im also thinking of some ways to use the conflict on Manaan. For example, including your ideas:

-Bastilla returns to Dantooine and informs the Jedi Council of your (Revan's) awakening.
-The Jedi Council informs Bastilla of the "true reason" for Revan's "downfall" (or ascension...take it how you will) and instructs her to locate the Starforge so that it might be destroyed thus defeating Malak and preventing Revan's "return as Lord of the Sith"
-Revan goes to Manaan to get support from the Sith stationed there by helping them get the Republic kicked out. (Involves uncovering the Republic mining station...possibly some additional framing)
-Possible fight with jedi?
-Destroying the star map to prevent future "medlers" from locating the Starforge thus finally shrouding its location in complete secrecy.

As for the Sith Commando, the part on the Ebon Spire where Trask goes off to duel Bandon, if its possible, I'll just remove that part. If not I may just add another npc to take his spot upon your arrival on Taris. As for that individual being a jedi, I doubt it. At this point you wont get a jedi companion until Korriban.

That could change though I highly doubt it. Im pretty comfortable with the outline right now (a few points excluded).

And have no fear, Canderous and HK are definite stay ins (HK being pretty much necessary)

Commander Thire
11-25-2007, 10:24 PM
Sweet will the mod be optional? Like a conversation selection @ the beginning

11-25-2007, 10:44 PM
I cant make any promises. This is my first attempt at what I would consider "real modding" so right now Im still in the begginings of the planning stages. Id probably even go so far as to actually write out all the dialogue in manuscript/screenplay form before I even started the actual modding itself since as it stands right now this will most likely be a solo performance.

Right now Im just working on planning everything out (well the rest anyways) working out any pottential plot holes, etc. But thats actually not a bad idea to make it optional. I actually really like that.

But I'll be perfectly honest. Im no computer programmer...hell the last programming language Ive ever used for more than a couple "tinker-with hours" was probably C: and that was litterally 10 years ago. Im more of a writer, but that is not to say I am not dedicated to working this out.

I think my biggest motivation for doing this is because I feel Revan probably the only "true Jedi" since cannonically it is stated he was quite possibly the only Jedi ever to hold true mastery over both the light and dark sides of the force without truely bending to either one. My second motivation is a campaign I wrote a while back for the Star Wars RPG set in ANH-ROTJ involving a group called the "Shadow Rebellion" led by self-proclaimed reincarnation of Revan, Akita Namoa. It basically involved the player hooking up with her, hunting down all information on Revan and the old Sith Empire, Obtaining the powers of the Star Forge and launching a surprise attack on both the Rebellion and the Empire once again leading Revan to ultimate supremacy.

Code of the Shadow Rebellion:

There is no peace, there is passion:
The passion for truth
The passion for knowledge
The passion for love
The passion for justice
The passion for honor
The passion for hope
There is no balance*, there is the force

*meaning dark or light sides

And if anyone can point me in the direction of good tutorials, the help would be greatly appreciated (the more pictures, the better...I apparantly dont get along very well with text only tutorials)

Darth Kalverys
11-25-2007, 11:38 PM
If you need any help with anything... besides scripting, that I can't do... I'd be gladly to help... but of course I won't be able to help til after Christmas... but even then it may have to wait til my Birthday... so... for right now... the best I can do to help you is give you some ideas for a quest...

And about the Star Maps...

They grow back... well... they re-assemble themselves... that's why you had to search out the Star Maps... because they were destroyed and so even Revan and Malak had to seek out the Star Maps...

11-27-2007, 04:26 AM
@ Rueben
I was going to type the same thing about the star maps reassembling themselves.

Maybe what should be done is have Revan upload a virus into the star maps' programming, that way, they would be unable to reassemble and would give false information about the star forge's whereabouts.

Just a suggestion to the future modder. I would suggest not adding Calo Nord to the party simply because he and Canderous did not seem to get along very well when they were both working for Davik. And since Revan's going to Davik's anyway, it is likely that he will still need Canderous for that particular mission, so, it is doubtful that the 2 would ever work together again.

Also, as much as I like Jolee, I think he should be replaced for this particular mod. Maybe here would be a nice place to add a dark jedi party member.

11-28-2007, 09:32 PM
Yeah, I do see your point about Calo...I know I want someone other than a Jedi so maybe a melee person. I was thinking a Tusken would be kinda cool but who knows.

I'll have to think of something though about the Star Maps now. Its funny, I dont recall ever reading about that in the dialogue in the game (not saying your lying...I dont have a very good memory for obscure details)

I also have a rough (and I mean rough) idea of how I sort of want the part aboard the Endar Spire to play out. This in no means means that this is the final version.

Disclaimer: I know the spelling and the grammers bad. I did it on a napkin during my lunch break at work. Rest assured all will be fixed by the final itteration.

[Player Awakes. The Endar Spire is under attack by the traitorous forces of Lord Malek. A Sith Commando bursts into the room]

Commando: My (lord/lady), it's good that I've found you. The ship is under attack. I am here to escort you off the ship to safety. We must leave now!

-Who are you?
-Under attack?! By who?!

[After all dialogue]

Commando: Sir/Ma'am! Please, there is no time to talk now! Without you...without Revan the Loyalist Faction will be lost and the traitor Malek will be unstoppable!

-We cant have that now can we? Lets go.

Commando: Good, follow me. (Commando has joined the party)

[Player enters out into the first hall to see Republic soldiers fighting two of Commando's squadmates. The loyalists are killed]

Republic Soldier: Halt! We have strict orders from Bastilla herself that we are not to allow you to leave this ship until we reach Dantooine...using any methods necessary Revan. If you resist, we have been ordered to kill you.

-You dare to order the true Lord of the Sith?! For that you shall pay with your life.
-How about YOU surrender, so I dont have to kill you.
-Sorry, but I wont let you stand in my way!

[Battle Commences...Player wins]

Commando: It seems the Gizka's out of the bag. Lets hurry to the escape pods before Maleks boarding party arrives.

-Let us wait, I could use some more practice.
-I agree, I have no desire to be aboard for that.

[Player fights way to ship's bridge]

Ship Captain: I can't believe you would turn on us. But I suppose, knowing that your Revan, it would have been inevitable. You may kill us Revan, but you'll never make it off this ship alive. Guards attack!

[Player kills Captain and his men]

Carth: (Over Intercom) All hands! We have a port side hull breach. More Sith troopers have entered the ship. All hands, evacuate the ship and regroup at the rondevou. I repeat, all hands evacuate the ship!

Commando: More Sith? Ahh, thats what I was afraid of. Those will be Malek's boarding party. Lets hope we dont run into too many. Come on!

[Player fights way to escape pods...scattered battles against Traitor Forces. Player enters the room with the deactivated security droid and the sealed door. Looking through the camera the player can see a group of Rebel guards who have sealed their room to buy time for the crew to escape. Player breaches the door and fights way into escape pod room.

[Battle with Carth...no dialogue at this time...to be cont.]

Commander Thire
11-29-2007, 10:20 PM
Will this effect like bastillas story line for conversations? Aswell as canderous and others?

11-30-2007, 03:28 AM
Quite possibly