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The Judge stared down from his seat at the shackled man kneeling before him.. He began to weep and cry out. "No, it wasn't me! It was others! I can show you!"

The Judge ignored him and continued. "I hereby sentence you to Exile."

The man continued to weep and plead for the Judge's mercy, but the rest of the court was silent. A forgone conclusion from the start. No one was ever found to be innocent in these courts, and there was rarely any punishment that was not Exile. Two mail-clad guards stepped forward and seized the man and drug him out of the court, through a side door that led to a holding area. Other prisoners were there, fear in their eyes. They all knew what was ahead.

A week later, they were all taken to the Portal Fortress, into a great domed chamber that was conspicuously empty. Six men and women in robes stood before them. The Openers of the Portal. They formed a circle and chanted for a moment, until a crimson doorway erupted from the stone.

The Guards stepped forward, jabbing at the prisoners with their pikes. Some, resigned to their fate, stepped through the portal into whatever lay beyond. Others, still clinging to some frail hope, had to be forcibly thrown through. No one escaped. None ever did.

The sunless world that lay beyond was, in a sense, the cruelest punishment possible.

* * * * *

Exile (Verb): To banish or expel from ones native land.

Exile is also a place. Many miles of caves and tunnels, far below the Earth's surface.

The Empire rules the surface totally. When they discovered Exile, they had the perfect use for it. A prison. Everyone who didn't fit in. The rebels. The antisocial. The disliked. They were teleported to Exile...forever.

The Exiles were not inactive. Within a handful of decades, they had constructed great underground cities, rivaling their counterparts on the surface. They learned to fight - the caves of Exile were not empty when they arrived, and the new arrivals were not greeted warmly. They studied the mysteries of magic, so that one day, they might return to the surface and have their revenge...

On the two-hundred seventh year of Exile, on the last day of the third month, another group of prisoners was cast into Exile, and these prisoners would play a great role in the future of the world...

* * * * *

Character sheets:






History: (Required, include why you were thrown into Exile.)


No gear. Everyone's got the same thing - prison clothes, and manacles. My character sheet will go up tomorrow.

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Ah, interesting.

Name: Tig (just Tig, nothing else)

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Personality: Quiet and rather mysterious, has rather cynical outlook on things.

History: Tig, unfortunately, fell under the category of "the disliked" under the Empire. Feared slightly for his mysterious and shady character, and aloof attitude , he was decided to be a threat against the rule of the Empire and put into exile. Apart from this, Tig rarely talks about the reason for his exile, and some of the rather interesting details that accompany it. (will reveal later)

Skills: Stealth, deception, general mechanics, and excellent melee fighting techniques.

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Name: Kadis Voerman

Age: 35

Gender: Male

Personality: Kadis is reliable. Slow to friendship and quick to anger, combined with a love of combat and a sense of loyalty makes him a fearsome warrior and a powerful ally. Experience has taught him a modicum of patience, but he still too often casts it aside.

Appearance: Just a glance can tell you that Kadis is a soldier. At 6'3, with considerable musculature and tanned skin from years fighting under the sun. He has short-trimmed black hair, going slightly gray along his sideburns, and green eyes. He's presently dressed in a burlap tunic and trousers.

History: Kadis was brought up in the Imperial City and raised by his father, a widower and an aged but still skilled Imperial Dervish, the most legendary of the Emperor's servants. Kadis joined the Imperial Army at sixteen and fought his way upwards, becoming a Captain of his own force of Imperial Peacekeepers, and it was widely whispered among the pundits that the Emperor had him hand-selected to become a Dervish, possibly part of the Emperor's personal bodyguard. Over the next five years, he became something of a terror to the resisters to Imperial rule, a fierce warrior and ruthless strategist.

Then, two months ago, a corrupt local governor ordered Kadis to take his soldiers and burn a settlement that was holding out on paying their taxes, kill any who resisted, and chain the rest and haul them to the Portal Fortress. Kadis, horrified by the sadistic treatment of mostly loyal Imperial subjects, refused.

In the end, he was shackled along with the rest of the settlement, his status warranting him a trial that was closer to an opportunity for the Governor to display his 'treachery' before the entirety of the Empire. He was found guilty, just like everyone else.

Skills: Kadis is a skilled swordsman, trained by his father and later by Imperial Blademasters, and was considered by many to be skilled enough to join the Dervishes.

In addition, he's a natural tactician and strategist, with experience in quelling several rebellions up and down the Empire, although he has no experience in full-scale wars.

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Just a question.... what is the general level of technology in this RP? I mean, is this like a fantasy period, with swords/bows/sorcery/etc? Or is this still futuristic somewhat.

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Well, the Surface is straddling the line between the Late Medieval Era and the beginning of the Renaissance. Guns exist, but they're hard to use and haven't reached real prominence, the printing press exists...sort of like what you might have gotten had the Roman Empire not collapsed during the fifth century.

In Exile, the technology is behind. The Exiles have the know-how to make a lot of these things, but Exile Cities tend to be a mishmash of newer and older designs by what was available at the time. Beggars can't be choosers.

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Name: Finduilos Therias

Age: 27

Gender: Female


Personality: Skeptical about society, Finduilos always seeks more knowledge before making serious decisions.

Backstory: Due to her open opposition towards the practise of Exiling people, Finduilos was deemed a political liability, and was Exiled before she could gather enough followers to end the practise. However, every now and then, there are those sent to Exile claiming to have been inspired to rebel by her.

Skills: Finduilos has great skill at inspiring others, but it not without physical prowess. She can hold her own in combat, and her weapon of choice is a claymore, but will resort to hand to hand combat if necessary.

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I forgot to put the appearance section into the character sheet. It's fixed now. Rob, Alkonium, you'll need to put those in. Me, too. You're both approved, though.

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Alright, edited a picture in. Sorry it's so big.

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Not a problem, Alkonium. Rob, you need to edit in the appearance.

Alright, I'd rather not let this die, so it's going to start on Monday. I'd like to have everyone aboard for the RP by the Monday following that. I'd rather not have characters crawling out of the stoneworks while the party is on the other side of Exile from the Portal.

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Ehm, kinda new to this roleplay thingy (as in, this will be my first one), but the setting intrigued me, so here goes.

Name: Akkarin Ulvang

Age: 31

Gender: Male

Apperance: Medium height and almost scrawny, while atlethic, he isn't overly muscular. Blond hair, but he dyes it and his beard almost completely grey, with traces of black. Walks like an old man, and wears shaby clothes.

Personality: Cynical and self serving. His primary goals is staying alive, and power, and each action is motivated by those goals.

Backstory: A dealer in information, Akkarin had something on most high ranking people, some of it he sold, and some he used as a life insurance. Because of his conections, he was sometimes also hired to eliminate people to protect a secret. He was exiled because he knew to much, though he dosen't want to talk about why his protection failed.

Skills: Akkarin claims that he can go anywhere exept back to the surface. Sneaking, climbing, disguising, acrobatics, lockipicking even primitive explosives are his means of getting there.

A rapier, some daggers and poison are his prefered tools for doing what is necessary. Bombs are simply to noisy.

Brutaly eficent with a rapier, he is an expert of using surprise to his advantage, however his defence got big holes, and while good at dodging, relying on it will get him killed fast, especially since he dislikes armor.

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The whole 'mysterious backstory' doesn't really cut it, considering this is out of character. While it's considered to be good faith that the characters do not already know each other's history within the RP, I may have need of your backstory and your actual age and surname.

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The RP has begun.

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Darien's Map:


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Sorry, I'll get my pic in.

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Is it too late to join? I've never done something like this. Well, not online anyways. I think I have a good character concept C.

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Uh...Yeah, it's too late. The RPG tanked. Big time. Thanks anyway, though.

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Tell me about it.

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It could be resurected though, I was kinda waiting for rob, but since he seems to have disapeared, we could continue without him and with Aeroldoth if you like though.

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Nah. Three isn't enough. Sorry. Besides, most of my attention is focused on Schattenlander right now.

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Anybody else out there reading this? Anyone else interested?

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I stopped posting after rob said he would get something up, I think alk stopped for the same reason, your call though.

Oh and Aeroldoth, come join schattenlander if this one isn't ressed.