View Full Version : (WIP) new sounds for K1 (and K2...)

11-26-2007, 10:48 AM
hi yall...

im currently making a soundmod for my own pleasure but i was thinking of releasing it...

the problem is that alot of the sounds are from other soundmods for other games...

and some are from actual games (as in, not modded, but ripped)

what are the rules and policys about that here?

(im gonna contact all the authors of the mods ive used, but what if they dont reply? is it ok to use the sounds anyway then? since most (with a very small exception) soundmods are made up of sounds "nicked" from somewhere else anyway)

EDIT: heh... turns out most of the sounds that werent mine to start with (from a mod i made for combat mission) are from one other mod... so contacting the author(s) just became alot easier, but the question still stands... if i cant get in contact with the author would a credit in the readme file suffice?

PS. i already know this is in the wrong forum and have PM'd a moderator about moving it.. so please dont say "this is the wrong forum"

Well from the lack of interest here i dont think ill be bothering with a release... but just to spark some faint hope of someone noticing it, ill tell ya'll whats in it.
ive got completely new sounds for close combat... swords and unarmed combat now have new swing, impact and parry sounds. Ive also redone the explosions (although they turned out to be the exact same sounds i used in my old soundmod hehehe, but that one isnt available any more). If all goes to plan (that is, if i can get the authors' permission) i will also include completely new saber sounds wich include swing, parry, impact, on, off and hit sounds. In addition to this i will also have completely new blaster and sonic weapon sounds including impact sounds.

buuuuuuuut if none of ya'll want it i wont bother contacting the authors and going through the motions to release it.