View Full Version : Bao-Dur Jedi Robes or Jedi-like Armor

11-27-2007, 12:25 PM
this is my first post so I hope I've posted in the correct place...

Bao-Dur is possibly my favourite force converted NPC in the game but I hate the fact that he cannot wear what I would like him to. I know there are some good mods out there for Bao-Dur armor but none of them totally appeal to me.

I am not very experienced with modding but I was wondering how is the best way to give Bao-Dur Jedi robes or armor with a cape (something Jedi-like reminiscent of Count Dooku or Darth Malak). Would I be best off altering Bao-Dur using the Kotor Tool so that robes will be wearable or do I need to concentrate on making custome robes / armor

any help or advice would be greatly appreciated

thanks in advance

EDIT: since posting this I have managed to get Bao-Dur into Darth Bandon's robes using Kotor Tool but I'm still open to advice for how to get something with a cape on or how to get him into Jedi robes...