View Full Version : K2RP: Voice Actor Auditions

Darth Balor
11-28-2007, 07:52 AM
Hello Halowan Labs!

K2RP is nearing the completion of M4-78(YAY!), though before we can finish we nedd to voice some characters.

The following is a list of the characters.

Kaah - Male - Vash's Apprentice - Undecided Race
ES-05 - Female - M4-78 Eviromental Control Droid
M4-78 - Male - M4-78 Overseeing Droid


Kaah shouls have a voice that sounds like it come from a very confused person. He is crazy and fearfull and think's the exile is a Sith Lord.


A droid. Is female!(Yay!)


The oveerseeing archon of the same name planet.

If you are intrested in auditioning post here AND pm me. I will send you a sample dialog for you to record. It would be helpfull if you had access to a good quality microphone, and some good recording softwar(opt.), please try to record in a quiet area with minimalnoise to minamize the need for messy sound reduction.