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11-30-2007, 04:44 PM
Hi again :) this time I'm trying to unlock a closed door in Nar Shaddaa docks, I've already done it by editing the .utd but I want to "harden" the opening of this door. This is what I want:

- increase the security skill required to open it -now I'm opening it with 8 or 9 of this skill- to at least 14 or so ...
- if possible, deny the chance to open this door through security spikes
- finally, make the door capable of beign open with a lightsaber attack, but not only with a single strike of the saber (I want a real hard door to open ...)

the .utd mentioned is the sealeddoor.utd of Nar Shaddaa docks area, which affects both closed doors near Fassa twi'lek in the docks.
Can this be done only through .utd editing or do I need scripts? :roleyess:

hope this can be done ... and thanks on advance folks! :wavey: